By: Daleyna Abril

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Today, we celebrate East Pakistan's independence from Pakistan. The war was brought to a close with the signing of surrender by Pakistani general Niazi and the Indian general Aurora. Now, East Pakistan is known as Bangladesh.

West Pakistan's Hold on East Pakistan

East Pakistan and West Pakistan were united due to religion. Both areas' main religion was Islam. However, West Pakistan had a lot of power over East Pakistan and its other provinces. West Pakistan took the majority of money from exports, which were mostly made in East Pakistan. East Pakistan also had much less political power than West Pakistan, although its population was the highest of all the provinces.

Another issue that brought West Pakistan and East Pakistan closer to war was that there was a language issue. It was stated that the official language of Pakistan was Urdu. Most of the West Pakistanis spoke Punjabi and Sindhi. The main language of East Pakistan was Bangla. East Pakistan and West Pakistan disagreed.

West Pakistan had desperately tried to hold onto the province of East Pakistan. Their efforts had been fruitless in stopping the rebellion occurring in the area, and soon, the East Pakistanis had enough. Separatists and activists in East Pakistan fought against the authorities.

The Bangladesh War and Its Effects

Bangladesh is a country brought to life by a short, brutal and bloody war. The scars of the loss of East Pakistan are still apparent in both Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bangladeshis are still bitter towards Pakistan and their mistreatment of them. When Pakistan lost the war, it was a humiliating moment for them. Their army stood accused of murder, rape, and more. To this date, Pakistanis bring the subject up as little as possible. However, in present day Pakistan, most people regard the military as a savior. After the Bangladesh War, Pakistan only excersised even more control over civilian activities. Still though, there are people who believe the military's intervention is what causes all of Pakistan's problems, as well as the Bangladesh War.