News From 5D

February 2014

On Wednesday I introduced one of my favorite writing lessons to teach (and I only get this chance every two years)! As a way to celebrate the Olympics and all the amazing athletes and their home countries, your children have selected a country and will be finding cultural facts. The end product will be an acrostic poem and illustration that will decorate the hallway.

Go For The Gold! Celebrating the Winter Olympics and Countries

Happy Valentine's Day from 5D

A Wonderful Valentine's Day Party!

Looking Ahead: Week of 2/17/14

Monday: School Closed

Tuesday: Make Up Day, Day 5 (Gym)

Reminder: Please sign the permission slip for Number the Stars and send in money (cash only)

Math: we will continue organizing data and constructing line plots. We will also convert measurements and change unlike denominators so we can add and subtract fractions.

Social Studies: we will continue researching our explorers for the explorer postcard project.

Language Arts: since it will be a short week, there will be no spelling test or Journeys comprehension quiz. We will be focusing on guided reading and memoir writing instead. Please note that our next Book Club celebration is on Friday 2/28.

February Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Preston, Ellie, Grace, and Olivia!