My summer 2015

By Mia Swanson


This summer I spent a lot of time with friends. We went to top golf, the movies, and drove around Dallas.

Warped Tour

For the past 3 years, I've gone to a music festival called Warped Tour. I saw some of my favorite bands like The Wonder Years & Pierce The Veil. I also got to meet a lot of people, such as Jarrod Alonge and the whole band of Knuckle Puck.


The day after Warped Tour I flew to California. We went to visit my sick grandmother & for my brothers birthday. I got to go to Disney Land and meet Peter Pan, go to the beach & surf for the first time in years, and meet with my friend Danny for the third time. I met her online a few years ago & we've always had a close friendship.

In September, my grandmother passed away. The last time I saw her was this summer.

Band Camp

I spent the end of my summer on a parking lot re-learning fundamentals and slowly dying.

The hottest it got was 104, but I melted everyday.

We had to start our show, Empire, over because the first drill was terrible, but we're now working on the last part of it.

Skipping Band Camp

On July 29th, me and my best friend Emma, skipped band camp to go to a concert in Houston. We went to see my favorite band, Real Friends. I staged dived so much, it was a lot of fun! It was a 8 1/2-9 hour drive all together, but it was worth it. We didn't get back to Frisco until almost 3 A.M. and we skipped the first part of band camp the next day.