What is RAN?

Reading and Analyzing Nonfiction Text

RAN 101

RAN stands for Reading and Analyzing Nonfiction. It is a graphic organizer, similar to a KWL chart, allowing students to record their learning acquired through the research process. Unlike a KWL chart, the RAN allows students to classify their schema and new learning into categories, such as confirmed, misconceptions, new learning and wonderings.
Strategies for Teaching Nonfiction Writing: The R.A.N. Strategy

Why should I use RAN?

RAN provides a structure for students to compile their research (Social Studies & Science) into a graphic organizer. After constructing knowledge over a series of days or a couple of weeks, students can use their new learning to construct an informational writing piece.

RAN supports informational reading and writing skills, as well as content integration.

How does eCLASS support RAN?

  1. Students research informational videos and texts through their teacher's eCLASS C&I page.
  2. Students can explore visual images to support the RAN on their teacher's eCLASS C&I page.
  3. Students can record their research notes in a note-taking application such as Padlet, Google Docs, etc.
  4. Students can summarize their findings through writing in their teacher's eCLASS C&I page.

Wendy McDonald

eCLASS Instructional Specialist

Meadowcreek Cluster Elementary Schools