Holiday Concert

Dear Parents,

Our holiday concert is going to be on Wednesday, December 17th, Ms. Russo’s class is performing in the first part that is at 8:30am. We will get tickets for 8:45am time of performance later on this week. However, there are two shows at 8:45am and 1:30am. Our class is performing Peace on Earth and Run Run Rudolf. These are very different and beautiful songs. We were assigned to wear specific costumes. 4th grade is wearing festive shirt under black or dark colored zipped up or buttoned up sweater and black (dark colored) bottoms. The black (dark colored) sweater will be taken off for the Run Run Rudolph song.

If you have a small guitar you can bring it in to be used in a Run Run Rudolph song. If you have no guitar, please don’t worry about it. Kids will still have fun performing. It’s a very fast and rock’n roll song!!

It’s going to be a fun concert. Please look for a Wizard Wire on Tuesday .


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Please let us know if you have questions.

Have a great week,

Ms. Russo's 4th Grade Room Parents:

Marina B. Shlimak (Dascha's mom)

Missi Stein (Isabella's Mom)