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  • A Word on Mission from the Principal
  • Archdiocese Mask Policy Survey
  • School Uniform Update
  • Sangriafest Volunteers Needed
  • Home-Learning Hub

Faith, Virtue, Valor - Mission & Values at St. Stan's Academy

"St. Stanislaus Kostka Academy commits to challenging our students to achieve academic and social excellence, lead by action and example, and to serve and love God through others."

-- Mission Statement

As we head into a new school year, it is important for our community to contemplate the true reason for the existence of our school. Our shared purpose can be found in the mission statement above as well as in our vision statement and core values. Although academic achievement is the goal of all schools, what makes St. Stan's unique is our overt emphasis on leading by example and serving God by loving others.

Our embrace of this mission can truly make us special, not because the words sound nice, but because to carry them out with fidelity can be transformative. Over the last few years, however, to "love God through others" may not have been easy. Our own personal needs and desires may have come first at the exclusion of others. Unfortunately, this mentality can cause us to miss or avoid those who most need our help. There is no doubt that teachers and students, especially, will need as much love and support as our community can create in the coming year.

I ask that families reflect upon the previous year or two and consider how well our school mission has been not just spoken, but lived. As part of your reflection, please remember that we are called to welcome the stranger, we are called to watch out for the betterment of others, and we are called to act with justice. Answering these calls is by no means an easy task, but it is one we can accomplish together. As Principal, I very much look forward to being your partner in living out our shared mission.

"At St. Stanislaus Kostka Academy we are committed to preparing children to live lives of excellence in a respectful and supportive environment by living out our mission of providing a rigorous education centered in Christ."

-- Vision Statement

Archdiocesan Mask Policy Survey

Last week, the Archdiocese of Chicago sent out a survey to all parents and teachers in hopes of gaining more information on sentiments around mask wearing for the 2021-22 school year. If you have not done so already, please click this link to complete the survey.

The survey is entirely anonymous and will give the Archdiocese valuable information as it considers Covid-19 and mask guidelines. Please understand that with the ever-evolving nature of the pandemic as well as changes to state and city rules, guidelines are subject to revision.

School Uniform Update

As you may have noticed, our school crest and motto have undergone a change over the last year or so. This can understandably cause issues for parents who utilize "hand-me-downs" for siblings or have purchased clothing with the old crest or "SSKS" monogramming.

To keep things simple, please adhere to the following guidelines for this year only:

  • Polos with the old crest may be worn by students
  • White, button-up dress shirts can still have the "SSKS" monogram on the collar
  • Any gym or athletic wear can still include "SSKS" on it

If you have not already purchased your school uniforms, please be sure to buy the following:

  • Polos with the updated red, white, and yellow shield logo
  • Plain white, button-up dress shirts
  • All black athletic shorts or sweatpants for gym classes

Schoolbelles is the company that handles our apparel and uniform ordering. Please see their school uniform guide by clicking here. You can visit their store locations or order products online at their website:

Sangria Festival 2021

We are in need of volunteers!

This annual festival is a great opportunity for you to either volunteer or attend for the following reasons:

  • Makes our school more visible in the community
  • A portion of the proceeds go to support the school's academic programs
  • You can have some learn, unwind, and have a little fun!

If you are interested in volunteering for the event, please contact Kelli Battaglia at or Vanessa Barrios at

For more information, follow this link to the event website. If you would like to purchase tickets to the event, please click here.

Home-Learning Hub

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