Much Ado About Nothing

Reilly Ruechel

In What Ways Is This Play Tragic?

Despite the fact that this is a comedy, this play has many tragic aspects. One tragic aspect is that Don Jon betrays Don Pedro and his friends. Don Pedro is the one that tries to set up the marriage between Claudio and Hero and Don Jon set out to ruin all of Don Pedro's hard work. Don Pedro and Don Jon are brothers so they should support and be there for each other instead of ruining what the other one wanted for their friend. The second tragic aspect of this play is Claudio being mislead on purpose in attempts to end a marriage with a girl he loves. Don Pedro convinced Borachio to have sex with Margaret in the window and Margaret to wear Hero's clothes to purposely deceive Claudio resulting in Claudio publicly shaming Hero. This leads to the third tragic aspect of the play, Hero's "death." When Claudio publicly shames Hero during the wedding this causes everyone to look down on her, even her father. Hero is forced to fake her own death instead of face the shame and disgust of other people.


Accidentally In Love- Counting Crows by nikkisieger

Accidentally In Love

This song describes how not only Claudio and Hero fall in love but how Beatrice and Benedick fall in love. All Claudio does is look at Hero and he immediately and accidentally falls in love. He can't help what he feels and he just knows he must marry her. This also applies to Beatrice and Benedick because they never thought they would end up together and they accidentally fell in love when they were tricked into thinking the other one loved them.

SpongeBob SquarePants - Season 1 - Episode 20 - Culture Shock (Speedy)

Public Humiliation

At 4:15 Squidward is publicly humiliated just as Hero was and he probably doesn't want to be seen for a while. Public humiliation is what caused Hero to fake her own death and if her name hadn't been cleared she probably would have stayed in hiding forever.