OBEYley Films

Bailey Quartero

I am Obeyley Films

Hi, I'm Bailey Quartero!

Just about a year ago, I fell in love with videography! I wanted to put my videos out there for my friends and family, so I made a YouTube channel! It was very popular with my classmates, especially the video I made of our last day of high school. It has nearly 1,400 views!

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What will you find on my YouTube?

My channel contains videos on many various topics. One second you could be hiking up Koko Head and the next you could be on a roller coaster in Disneyland! Or one moment getting thrown around by huge waves at Sandys and a minute later, at a sold-out midnight event with thousands of people!

Fun and Random edits on my Youtube!

I make videos on anything I find interesting that is going on in my life! Whether it's hiking up a popular mountain in Hawaii, taking fun trips to places, or just going to a crazy concert with famous DJs. The main thing is, I'm taking you guys with me the whole way!
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