Panther Gazette

Norfolk Junior High


Fairy Tale

A big fat potato dreaming of being Garden King, became obsessed of being the Garden King. He kept his dream hidden. He knew he could turn the old lady’s garden into a kingdom. On November 27, 2014, he heard the royal potato bragging about how they were going to destroy the old lady’s garden. He was furious and depressed. Soon enough he knew he couldn't let all the children in the village be homeless, so everyday the potato snuck out families from the town and took them to the village where they could live in peace.

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Jonathan Castro was known for his outstanding clothing brands. He attended an apprenticeship. Jonathan was a shy kid and he didn't attend any school activities. After he learned all the rules, he started a small store in a mall. Soon he made his own mall with clothing stores, food courts, and everything a teen would want. Soon he retired making clothes and only taught his son how to draw and ride his bike. From the day he finished his apprenticeship, to the day he was old and some sort of chubby, he didn't regret a thing he did. He looks forward to see his son succeed in life. Although he finished his dream, he still works here and there.

Favorite Videogame

Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland is a game for game boy advanced. It’s basically Kirby knows something bad is happening. He goes off and tries to find it to resolve the problem. On the way there, he meets some rival. Some have powers, which you can suck up and use. If you suck up two enemies, you have a chance of getting an unknown power. I could list them and what they do, but there’s too many of them to start off with. At the end of the game, you fight the unknown enemy and you save everyone in dreamland. Also in the menu, they’re mini games that will get you extra lives if you die. Most of them are easy like samurai, show down, or rainbow surfing.

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History of the Dodo Bird

The history of the dodo bird is quite interesting. The dodo bird was a flightless bird. It makes its nest on the ground or on a cliff. It has features like an everyday pigeon. The dodo bird is not much taller than a turkey. It has small stubby wings with short legs. It used to live close to Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, when the island had no human beings. The dodo bird would lay hundreds of egg. Then, the European solitaires found the birds and eggs making the dodo bird go extinct. They went extinct in 1860. Some museums have a feet or skull of the dodo bird in a showcase. That is all of the facts I have about the dodo birds history.

Elmo in Grouchland

Are you in the mood to here furry friends sing? Then you'll want to watch Elmo in Grouchland. It has action, comedy and lots of snappy songs. The main cast is Kevin Clash, Mandy Patinkin, and Vanessa Williams. They'll make you want to stay on your couch all day. The story begins with Elmo in his room dancing with his blanket. Then when he goes past Oscars house. Oscar leaves, and then Elmo's blanket gets sucked up into a portal to Grouchland. Elmo heroically jumps into the portal. On the way, they get separated. Then Elmo is in Grouchland and is confused. Then the greedy man come and takes the grouches belongings. Elmo speaks up and then he saves a girls doll. He sees that the man has his blanket and goes to find him. He meets lots of friendly people on the way. Thats all I can tell you. If you want to see the ending, you will have to see the movie Elmo in Grouchland.
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