Middle School

(The Worst Years of my Life) "Surving isn't easy."


Rafe is a kid trying to survive in middle school with his best buddy Leo. He is having a lot of trouble at home already, so Rafe is trying to make 6th grade the best year yet! He has been planning to break all the rules in the Code of Conduct book, and Leo is giving him points and lifes for each and one of them! Chewing gum, running in the hallways, and more! Rafe is also hiding many secrets and lies about all the incidents that has happened at school to his mom. Will he succeed being one of the most best rule breakers or will he fail sixth grade? (Rafe's point of view)


The theme of the whole story is for Rafe to score as many points as possible till he is out of rules to break in the Code of Conduct book. But Rafe has 3 lives to succeed the whole operation without losing all of the lifes.

Connection from the Theme to my Life

The theme really doesn't connect at all to my life. I haven't actually broken any rules during my school life and I don't like getting in trouble at all. For me I just want to live a happy and successful life unlike Rafe making his life miserable. I try to work hard and get good grades on my tests. Rafe, he fails almost all of his tests, and when his report card comes home, BAM!!!!! All his grades are terrible below a C-. In conclusion, my life and his life are way different.
By: Chris Shin