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Walk to School Day!

Chouteau has our Walk to School Day scheduled for Thursday, October 6th. This is a simple, but fun morning where our school community gathers as one. Families can join us outside the Rehab center on Parvin. Families should plan to park in the parking lot across from the Rehab center and walk across. A light breakfast/snack will be provided and all students can eat their full breakfast at Chouteau for free. Families should plan to arrive between 8-8:15 AM and we will begin our walk around 8:25!

What are our students learning in Encore (Music, Art, Library, PE, Health, and Counselor)?

PE with Coach B

In PE, students will be busy learning a lot of valuable concepts and skills throughout the first quarter. The biggest concept all students will work on is cooperative learning and teamwork. We will do activities where students must work together, communicate, and try their best to achieve a goal. After our cooperative learning unit, we will move on to movement concepts. This ranges from Kindergarteners learning how to hop, skip, jump, and gallop to 5thgraders learning appropriate pacing and force for different activities. I’m Looking forward to a fun first quarter!

Coach B

Health with Ms. Milne

Our goal during Health is to provide the skills and opportunities for your child to learn and embrace health for a lifetime. I will accomplish this by giving students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities and challenges that will increase their physical, social, and mental abilities, as well as teamwork and cooperation skills.

Topics we will be discussing throughout the year:

1. Social and Emotional Well Being

  • - Relationships (family & peer)

  • - Dealing and acting on emotions

2. Physical Wellness

  • - Food and Nutrition

  • - Exercise and physical activity

3. Disease and Hygiene

  • - Germs and sickness

  • - Diseases (spread of diseases)

  • - Cleanliness

4. Risk Assessment

  • - Safety (injury prevention)

  • - Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco

Library with Mrs. Hoke and Mrs. Goll

Chouteau Library

Welcome back Dragons! We are excited to begin a new year in the LMC! This fall we will be diving into some fun stuff:

Kindergarten – Book Care, iPad Care, Library Orientation and Fiction vs. Nonfiction.

1st/2nd – Book Care, Library Orientation and Research.

3rd – Library Orientation, Great Kids Can Read Award Nominees, and Research

4th/5th – Library Orientation, Mark Twain Award Nominees and Research.

Don’t forget you can always see what’s available in our library by looking at https://nkcschools.follettdestiny.com/cataloging/servlet/presentadvancedsearchredirectorform.do?l2m=Library%20Search&tm=TopLevelCatalog&l2m=Library+Search

Music with Mrs. Gerhardt


During 1st quarter in Kindergarten music, we are learning about the four voices (speaking, singing, whispering, shouting), echo, fast vs. slow, loud vs. quiet, steady beat and exploring various handheld percussion instruments. Students learn about these concepts and instruments through songs, chants, movement, games and literature.

1st Grade:

During 1st quarter in 1st Grade music, we are reviewing kindergarten concepts such as steady beat, melodic direction high vs. low and four voices and introducing mallet holding techniques, chord bordun (with xylophone) and quarter notes, quarter rests and eighth notes. Students learn about these concepts through songs, chants, movement, games and literature.

2nd Grade:

During 1st quarter in 2nd Grade music, we are reviewing steady beat, SO-MI-LA solfege syllables, as well as quarter notes, quarter rests and eighth notes. We will be introducing beat vs. rhythm, the DO solfege syllable, half notes and half rests and ostinatos. Students will learn about these concepts through songs, chants, movement, games and literature.

3rd Grade:

During 1st quarter in 3rd Grade music, we are reviewing beat vs. rhythm, as well as melodies and rhythms learned in 2nd grade. We will be introducing the RE solfege syllable, whole notes and whole rests, musical form, and the tie symbol. Students will learn about these concepts through songs, chants, movement, games and literature.

4th Grade:

During 1st quarter in 4th Grade music, we are reviewing MI-RE-DO solfege syllables, pentatonic scale and 3rd grade rhythms and melodies. We will be introducing sixteenth notes, major vs. minor scales, partner songs, and treble clef lines and spaces. Students will learn about these concepts through songs, chants, movement, games and literature.

5th Grade:

During 1st quarter in 5th Grade music, we are reviewing note names and mallet techniques while also introducing eighth rest, chord progression, syncopation, high DO solfege, and count singing. Students will learn about these concepts through songs, chants, movement, games and literature.

Art with Ms. Lewis

First Quarter Art


I can identify and create a variety of lines. Kindergarten will be learning about different types of lines and how we can use them to make patterns, shapes, and designs. We will use books, videos and games to support our learning.


I can combine shapes and create a complex object. 1st grade will also be learning lines and shapes and how we can combine these into more complex forms. We will use books, videos and class discussions to support our learning.


I can create a self-portrait that expresses emotion. 2nd grade will be reviewing simple shapes they know and using those to create a self-portrait. We will then use our imaginations to create a scene for the backgrounds of our portraits. We will use books, videos and class discussions to support our learning.


I can use actual and/or implied texture in my work. 3rd grade will be reviewing lines, patterns and texture. We will explore how these can be combined in the art they create and how/why artists may choose to add texture and patterns to their artwork. We will also have class discussions about why it may be important and how to make our work stand out.


I can demonstrate the illusion of form/space using value. 4th grade will be reviewing lines, patterns, simple shapes and texture to create artwork that gives the illusion of form and space through shading light to dark. We will use pop artist Wayne Thiebaud as inspiration because of his great use of shadows and contrast.


I can create a mixed media work of art. 5th grade will be reviewing lines, patterns, simple shapes and texture. We will be creating a complex form from simple shapes we know. We will explore adding visual texture to our artwork along with depth by shading from light to dark. We will be artists, videos, class discussions and books to support our learning.

Counselor with Miss Read

Counselor Lessons for this Quarter

September: Academic Skills to be a Learner

Kindergarten- We will explore how our friend Quiet Earhart Owl is a learner through using her Owl Ears to listen to the teacher, Owl Eyes to pay attention in class, and Owl Wings to work quietly so everyone can learn.

1st Grade- We will talk about listening skills with Howard B Wigglebottom and raising our hand to share in class with My Mouth is a Volcano book by Julia Cook.

2nd Grade- We will explore “champion students” school skills with the School of Champions curriculum. We will develop strategies to meet increased school expectations such as putting in our best efforts and paying attention each day.

3rd Grade- We will work to recognize and practice basic time-management and organizational skills for assignments and/or task completion.

4th Grade- We will refine and apply strategies emphasizing individual responsibility for educational tasks and skills. Skills such as listening to focus in class and how our “different kinds of smart” can help our learning community.

5th Grade- We will develop an understanding of educational tasks and skills necessary to make a smooth transition to the middle school structure through sharpening our listening skills and talking through our academic skills we have in our “academic toolbox”.

October: Bullying Prevention

Our district implements the Second Step Bullying Prevention Curriculum in October.

Across all grade levels, in October, I share with them the three R’s of Bullying Prevention and we come back to it in January to refresh and review the three R’s and talk about conflict resolution and bystander power (in the upper grades). Each grade has their own set of developmentally appropriate lessons to teach the three R’s of Bullying Prevention which include short videos and class discussions and idea sharing.

  1. Recognize (To Recognize bullying means to know bullying when you see it, because it’s not just mean behavior… bullying behavior is mean behavior you that happens repeatedly, is on purpose, you can’t get them to stop, and is mean behavior meant to make others feel sad and small to have power over them)
  2. Report (if you recognize bullying is happening to you or to someone else, tell an adult that you trust. If that adult isn’t able or won’t help, go tell another adult and so on.)
  3. Refuse (After reporting to an adult, the adult will practice with the reporter how to use an assertive voice and assertive words to tell kids who are bullying to stop and leave them alone. We don’t have to be mean back to be assertive, we can be strong and brave and still let them know that we won’t be bullied, and bullying isn’t allowed at school.)

Research shows that students can reduce their chances of being bullied in the future by responding assertively. This helps students see that they can get help and help themselves, and that doing both is often the best way to handle bullying.

Leveled Recess/Lunch

Each year, all students have lessons reviewing our common expectations for our behaviors. This year, in grades 1-5 I introduced a new system for when a student misbehaviors in the areas of recess and lunch. These are common areas for misbehaviors as these are less structured times in our day. I met with each grade level to go over the difference between a major behavior and a minor. Making sure all students know it's never okay to be hurtful or disruptive.

If a student should have a major behavior; such as intentionally being unsafe with their hands or feet, then they go to level 6 on the leveled recess plan and work their way back to level 1. A minor behavior might be not lining up when the whistle is blown, cutting off someone in line, throwing an object, or back-talking a teacher. A minor behavior consequence may be missing recess the following day, but not working through all six levels. After three minors, then a student would work through a leveled recess/lunch.

Below is a visual that was shown to students regarding the steps of a leveled recess/lunch.

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Join all Future Hornets for a tailgate at North Kansas City High School on September 30th from 5-7pm, FOOD and FUN included! Free admission to the football game for the Future Hornet AND one parent/guardian! (Future Hornets eat FREE!)

School-Based Dental Program

On October 18th Clay County Health Department will conduct dental screenings at Chouteau. They will also provide fluoride treatments for the students who sign up. They will do the first fluoride treatment in October and then return in the spring to do the second treatment. Forms are coming home this week so sign your student up! If you have any questions you can call Nurse Sheri 816-321-5053.
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National Art in Education Week

This month, was National Arts in Education week. Thank you Ms. Lewis for helping our dragons become artists. We look forward to seeing all the art that is created this year.

Reading Tips!

Ms. Stine and Ms. Morgan are our Title I reading specialists at Chouteau. It is critical for our students to continue to read at home and for the grown-ups to support their reading. Below is a picture showing the big difference reading 20 minutes a night at home can make in your child's vocabulary.
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As the North Kansas City School District continue to provide the safest, most enjoyable experience at our athletic and activity events, we are adding a few additional procedures moving forward for the remainder of the 22-23 school year:

1. Middle school and elementary school students may only gain admittance to events when accompanied by an adult. If students arrive to the entrance gate without an adult, they will be asked to contact an adult immediately and will not be allowed entrance into the event.

2. All middle school and elementary school students will be asked to remain with an adult OR in the assigned seating area determined by the school for the duration of the event.

3. All students will be asked to remain in the stands during games and will not be allowed to loiter in the concourse or restroom areas.

4. Students who are unwilling to comply with the directions of the on-site administrators, supervisors or law enforcement will not be able to attend athletic or activity events for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year.

5. All students should leave immediately following the conclusion of all school events.

6. All school district policies remain in effect during all activity and athletic events.

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Subject: Free Meal Program Ends May 27 – Apply Now

NKC Schools Families:

The federal waiver and funding that allowed us to provide free meals for all students ended last year.

F/R 2022-2023 application is available online for you to fill out for your family.

Here is the link (and more information): https://www.schoolnutritionandfitness.com/index.php?sid=0306152235285801&page=lunchapps

Student Lunch Prices = $2.90 per meal. Breakfast is FREE for all regardless of your application status.


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Doors open at 9:15 am on Late Start Thursdays. School begins at 9:30.

Any student checking into the office after 9:30 am is considered tardy and must be signed in by an adult.

Below is the late start calendar.

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Chouteau's Bell Times


MON, TUES, WED, FRI; 8:45 a.m.- 3:40 p.m. (doors open at 8:30 a.m.)

Late Start THURS; 9:30 a.m.- 3:40 p.m. (doors open at 9:15 a.m.)

Students in grades pre-k, Kdg, 1st and 2nd will go to the cafe for breakfast. Students in grades 3rd, 4th and 5th will grab breakfast at our hallway station and eat in the classroom.

Breakfast is offered for every student at no charge.

Our outside doors close promptly at 8:45 am for staff to start their daily schedule. Any student that arrives after 8:45 am must be signed in by their grown-up in our office.

Attendance Matters

Attendance Explained:

Verified Absence- The parent has contacted the school regarding their student's absence

Unverified Absence- The parent has not made an attempt to call the school regarding student's absence

Excused Absence- The parent has notified the school of absence and provided documentation; i.e; doctors note, etc

For the safety of your child, it's important to call the school attendance line when your child will be late or absent for any reason.

24/7 ATTENDANCE LINE- 816-321-5052

Student Attendance and Accountability


Regular attendance is essential for a quality education. Parents are encouraged to schedule medical/dental appointments outside of the school day to provide students with as much learning time as possible. The principal is obligated to address unsatisfactory attendance. Action will be taken by the attendance staff, including contact with the parents, when chronic or multiple absences occur. Excessive absences may result in referral to the legal authorities.

Student attendance status is as follows:

  • 98%-100% Excellent
  • 95%-97% Satisfactory
  • 90%-94% Marginal
  • 89% and below Unsatisfactory

The Missouri Compulsory Attendance Act lists the following as acceptable reasons for an absence from school (School may request written verification):

  • Personal illness Doctor/dental appointments
  • Serious illness or death of a member of the family or close friend
  • Emergencies at home such as fire or flood
  • Religious holidays
  • Professional appointments that cannot be scheduled outside the school day

These absences will affect your child’s attendance percentage.

Reporting Absences

All schools have a 24-hour attendance line. In the event that an illness or other reasonable circumstance prevents your child from attending, please inform the school. If your child will miss several days, you only need to call the first day. If no contact is made by 9:00 a.m. for early schools, every attempt will be made to reach a parent or emergency contact to verify the reason for the absence. Our intent with the requirement for verification of absences, late arrivals, and early departures is that parents and school personnel always know where every student is during school hours.

Late to School Procedure

When a student arrives late, he/she must check in with the administrative assistant to obtain a pass to class, Tardiness/late arrival will affect your child’s attendance percentage. Students should not be dropped off at the doors but brought in by their adult

Early to Leave Procedure

For the safety of the student and to verify the reason for leaving, parents must sign out their child in the office. The parent must notify the office in advance if someone other than the parent is picking up the child. Leaving early will affect your child’s attendance percentage. The office will not call a student out of class early, but will call once the adult arrives.

24 Hours Attendance Line

Please call 816-321-5052 to leave a message on our 24 hr attendance voicemail anytime you expect your student to be late or absent from school.
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Upcoming Events


Schoolstore.com fundraiser begins (ongoing) soon!

29 - Late Start - Doors Open at 9:15 AM

30 - NKCHS Future Hornet Night & NKCHS Homecoming 5-7 PM

30 - Northtown Spirit Day!


4 - P/T Conferences 4-8 PM

6 - P/T Conference 4-8 PM

6 - Walk to School Day 8:00 - 8:25 AM @ Northland Rehab Center

6 - No Late Start

7 - No School

10 - No School

11 - Northtown Spirit Day!

13 - No Late Start

18 - Fundraiser Pick-Up

18 - Clay County Dental Screenings

19 - Fall Picture Day

20 - Late Start

25 - NKCHS FCCLA Truck or Treat

27 - Late Start

28 - Electronic Parent Viewing Window Begins


3 - Late Start

8 - Northtown Spirit Day!

10 - Late Start

14 - PAC Mtg 6 PM

14 - 18 - Book Fair

15 - Title I Night 5-6:30

16 - 4th Grade Symphony Field Trip

17 - Late Start

23-25 - Thanksgiving Break, No School


1 - Late Start - POG Showcase

Papa John Day (a % of purchase goes to Chouteau)

8 - Late Start

12 - PAC Mtg 6 PM

13 - Northtown Spirit Day!

15 - Late Start

19 - Winter Party

20 - Half Day - Release at Noon

21-30 - Winter Break, No School


2-3 - Winter Break, No School

5 - No Late Start

9 - PAC Mtg 6 PM

10 - Northtown Spirit Day!

12 - Late Start

13 - Electronic Parent Viewing Window Begins

16 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, No School

19 - No Late Start

26 - Late Start


2 - Papa John Day (a % of purchase goes to Chouteau)

2 - Late Start

9 - Late Start

13 - PAC Mtg 6 PM

14 - Northtown Spirit Day!

14 - P/T Conferences 4-8 PM

16 - P/T Conferences 4 - 8 PM

16 - No Late Start

17 - No School - Staff PD Day

20 - No School

23 - Spring Conference (make-up day incase of snow)

23 - Late Start

28 - Music Program 1st @ 5:30PM, 2nd @ 6:30PM


TBD - NKC Major Saver Fundraiser

2 - Title I Night 5-6:30

2 - Late Start

1-8 - Book Fair

9 - Late Start

13 - PAC Mtg 6PM

14 - Northtown Spirit Day!

16 - Music Program 3rd Grade @ 5:30 PM

16 - Late Start

20-24 Spring Break, No School

TBD - Kindergarten Round-Up

30 - Late Start

31 - Electronic Parent Viewing Window Begins


4 - Papa John Day (a % of purchase goes to Chouteau)

4 - Music Program K @ 5:30PM, 4th @ 6:30PM

4 - Title I Evaluation Meeting

6 - Late Start

9 - Northtown Spirit Day!

10 - PAC Mtg 6PM

13 - No Late Start

14 - No School - Staff PD Day

20 - Late Start

27 - Last Late Start



1-5 - Teacher Appreciation Week

4 - 5th Grade Celebration 6:00PM @ Eastgate

8 - PAC Mtg 6PM

11 - NKCHS Grad Walk

11 - Northtown Spirit Day!

TBD Field Day

24 - Preschool Graduation 5:30 PM

26 - Last Day of School, Half Day

26 - Electronic Parent Viewing Window Begins

29 - Memorial Day Observed, No School

30-31 - Make Up Days, if needed


1-2 Make Up Days, if needed