Kacie Culver

Don't want to lose Vitamin C when cooking fruits and vegetables?

☯ Keep vegetables and fruits in whole pieces

☯ Cook them quickly, small amounts of water(simmering or steaming)

☯ Serve the dish with it's liquid

Changes you'll see in your vegetables and fruits!

☯ Texture - makes it more tender and if overcooked it will become mushy

☯ Color - Should retain good colors if properly cooked

☯ Flavor - Cooking releases the flavors and for fruits it will taste less citric acidy

Different Cooking Methods for Fruit

☯ Cooking in liquid

☯ Baking

☯ Broiling

☯ Frying

☯ Microwaving

Different Cooking Methods For Vegetables

☯ Cooking in water

☯ Steaming

☯ Pressure cooking

☯ Baking

☯ Frying

☯ Boiling

☯ Microwaving

Preventing Cut Fruits From Darkening

☯ Some fruits turn dark after they are cut

☯ Enzymatic browning which happens