Pro Fisherman

Example: Jeremy Wade


Jeremy Wade travels all around the world catching giant freshwater fish. He talks to the natives using all different languages. Spending days on end learning and studying the native variations of french, spanish, russian, and german.

Travel - Dangers - Advantages

Jeremy wade travels every where and anywhere to catch fish. Recenty he was in Russia at the Chernobyl explosian site. THe dangers of the job are the hostile natives and the fish. This is true because the fish he catches can be maneaters and stronger than 5 people put to gether. Also he is next to or on dangerous rapids / rivers. The adavantages are meeting interesting people and new species.

Jeremy Wade Pictures

Education / salary

Some colelges consist of Iowa State University and Michigan. Jeremy Wade has a degree in Spanish and Zoology. Jeremy Wade gets paid 1.5 million from his TV show.