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#1 Source for Cured News ----Portland, Maine----Summer 2021


Have you ever tried to hide a secret? Lena Haloway is a rule follower and all she wants is to be a normal teenager. She doesn't want to love at first, until she meets Alex. She struggles internally while trying to determine if love is worth the trouble it will bring.

Hana Tate is a rebel and breaks rules. She just cannot stay away from music or parties, but she's a loyal friend to Lena. She keeps Lena safe by keeping her secret love under wraps. Lena protects Hana from trouble by covering up her knowledge of the love that she has for Alex.

Alex Sheathes is a guard and quite mysterious - he's from the wild and is one of the uncured and has a lot of secrets; secrets he keeps from everyone except Lena and Hana. Secrets run deep with these three, and conflict arises as they are revealed and unburied. They are faced with the uncertain future they may have in The Crypts if their secrets fall into the wrong hands.

Amor Deliria Nervosa ---------------------------------- THE MUST SEE MOVIE OF 2021!

All Lena (Alexandra Daddario) wants is to be cured. Her whole family is tainted with a reputation so she doesn't have many friends except one. Hana (Avril Lavigne) is Lena's best, and only, friend. In Portland, Maine, 2021, love is a sickness. That's what the cure is for; to keep teenagers from falling in love. Everything was going according to plan until Lena meets a boy named Alex (Dylan O'Brien). From the creators of "The Maze Runner" we give you a romantic drama where it's survival of the sickest. Critics cannot wait for part two. It will keep you at the edge of your seat. Action, adventure, love, and has something for everyone!

Carolyn Hax: Protecting a Friend

Dear Carolyn:

I just found out my best friend has fallen in love with an uncured. I thought he was cured because of the mark on his neck. I think this is a very good reason why I shouldn’t trust him, but my friend loves him, and I trust her to make the right decision. That’s why I write to you for help. What if he breaks her heart and she follows her mom's example and kills herself? What do you think? Should I trust him?


A Worried Friend

Dear Worried Friend:

It is hard to watch those you love and care about make decisions you may or may not agree with. Sometimes we just have to be supportive and be there for them if and when they need us. If he does break her heart, tell her that he wasn’t the one for her. If it comes to a point where she wants to end her life, tell her there are people that care about her and need her. You have to assure your friend that life is worth living and that what her mom did was not a solution. It only hurt those she left behind. You could also, if you feel comfortable, discuss your fears with your friend's love interest. He might be able to explain why he has secrets to keep. Keep an open mind, but most importantly, stay by your friend's side.



Love Sick Crossword

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3. Lena's best friend

4. Lena's aunt

6. Lena's lover

7. A place outside of Portland

8. A dangerous disease


1. An event where the evaluators asks questions to match people

2. Where delirium takes place

4. A prison

5. The main character

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Guard Needed

The Crypts Prison is currently seeking someone to fill a current opening as a Guard. Qualified candidates will have relevant experience and will be responsible for watching the fence so there are no breaches, and feeding and watching over the tenants. We hope whoever is applying for the job will be an improvement on the last guard. Rules are strict and disorder or rule breakers need not apply. If you are interested, please come to The Crypts for a formal evaluation and interview.