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How small actions can conquer everything - starting today!

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Have you ever tried to run a marathon? 26 miles is a long way. But when you start to run 1 mile at a time mile and build on it. It's achievable.

Trust me... I still have my diary from when I ran the marathon in my 30th birthday year. My daughter, Cameron, was 12 months old. I wrote down in my diary what I had to do each day to achieve the full mileage. I hadn't ran a single iota for 2 years and I signed up with 14 weeks to train. But when I broke it down into smaller chunks, bitesize pieces, I knew I could do it!

The secret is to JUST START. Any running (or walking for that matter) was better than nothing at all.

Your small action today in your Temple Spa business might not mean much, nor does tomorrow’s small action, nor the day after.

But small actions, like packing snow and rolling it, builds on itself. After rolling that snowball for 30 feet, you’re looking at a massive boulder.

After taking small actions daily for 30 weeks, you’re looking at a thriving Temple Spa business, a flourishing start-up, or a growing and powerful team of consultants.

ACTIONS do not need to be perfect but they do need to be CONSISTENT (if you just leave the snowball, it will melt and disappear) let's start rolling!

Here are 3 tiny actions you can do right now within the next 10 mins.

1) Copy and send this text message to 10 people (and follow up with a phone call to see what they think).

Hi it's Sarah, I can't believe it's 2020 and we've not managed to catch up yet! I have a new job/venture with Temple Spa teaching Skincare classes - and I'm able to offer you (and a few friends) a free facial (it's the same one we offer in Harrods). What do you think about a free pamper and a catch up?

2) Copy and send this to anyone who you think: would make a great Class teacher, has a love of skin and beauty, may need to earn extra money, or would like a new adventure for 2020:

Hi it's Clare, I've just started a new venture with Temple Spa - it's an award-winning skincare brand. And it got me thinking, you'd be great at teaching classes because...……..(insert genuine reason here). If you're interested in finding out more, we're having a VIP night on Thursday 13 Feb - I can send you some details if you'd like to come along? I think you'd love it.'

3) Send an email from the hub OR a text from your phone about our FREE PRIZE DRAW TODAY FEB 2. TO CELEBRATE THE 20TH BIRTHDAY OF TEMPLE SPA, customers get the chance to win their entire order for FREE when they spend £50. Spend £100 get two entries. Unlimited chances to win.

PS Don't get distracted with social media - it's a massive time zapper - and it's classes that will grow your business not posts!

Here's a great article to read called ONE TINY ACTION AT A TIME


Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 6:30-8:30pm

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Hoping for a good attendance at our February monthly team meeting - if you can please RSVP as I will need to know for numbers.

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Celebrating 20 years of Temple Spa skincare

As it's our 20th anniversary in 2020, we are celebrating with INCREDIBLE offers for our customers each month.

In February, customers will be able to buy Trufflelixir for just £45 instead of £75! A fantastic £30 saving. Why SO much? Well, we didn't want affordability to be a factor preventing people from trying our award-winning anti-ageing serum. If you haven't tried it, you need to!

Just read all the reviews online.....


1) Sarah Taylor-Baxter

2) Sarah Bloor

3) Kath Hamer

4) Kathryn Peruge

5) Tasche Hancock

Congrats to our team's Top 3 in Sales

WELCOME TO THE TEAM - our newest business owners

Sarah Bloor

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Clare Thomas

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Christiane Warren

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Gemma Rattigan

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Zoe Goodwin

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If you want to grow your Temple Spa business and become a manager, you'll need to build a team by sponsoring (our word for recruiting).

It's called sponsoring because they are not your employees, but instead they are fellow self-employed business owners - but to reward you for supporting an mentoring them in the business, you get paid more from Head Office.

Why not bring along a FRIEND or TWO for a glass of fizz and invite them to our TEAM VIP NIGHT.

They'll need plenty of positivity, a big measure of self-motivation, and bucket loads of business-sense... plus a passion for health and wellbeing.

We'll give you all the support, fun, flexibility, work-life balance, earnings, and joy you need, while running your own business with our 20-year-old company.

Full training is provided for this self-employed role as a Lifestyle Consultant - with Management opportunities also available.

We offer flexible hours to fit around family or existing work commitments, as well as full-time careers.

Teaching skincare classes in private homes, well-being sessions in the workplace, and coaching other consultants to success, will be just some of the rewards - as well as working alongside some of the most uplifting, supportive and inspiring people you'll ever meet.

Here are the details of the evening - let's try and bring along at least two guests each - it's an informal gathering where they can find out more about joining the business (and we may even have the Executive Director of Temple Spa - Dorian Hammon - joining us).

Who can you invite? Think about people who?

  • love skincare
  • are unhappy in their current job
  • are looking for a new challenge or hobby in 2020,
  • want to be their own boss
  • have an interest in health, wellbeing, PT or holistics
  • want to earn more money
  • are saving for something - travel, a wedding, a new house or car
  • would make good class teachers.
  • are 'people centered' positive, happy and self-motivated.
  • work for the NHS and are looking for a change of direction / to add a new skill
  • Sociable, friendly and positive personalities.
  • Business-minded people who have worked in self-employment or who have already run their own business.
  • CEO's police officer, solicitors, HR managers, doctors (are all people who run their own business with Temple Spa already).


Thursday, Feb. 13th, 7-8:30pm

Hartford Hall Hotel. School Lane, Hartford, Northwich, UK

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How to promote

Promote to Manager at celebrate with an overnight stay and party at The Waldorf in London!

It's super easy! Recruit 6 people and ensure they all qualify (ie sell £175 in a calendar month) . Your personal sales = £1,500. Your team sales: ie between all of you, should be £5,000 in one calendar month. Hey presto you're a manager.

How do I become a Senior Lifestyle Consultant?

Just sell £4,000 in 4 calendar months and you become Senior Lifestyle Consultant. Head office will send you some professionally-designed business cards with your new job title on.

What happens if you sell £4,000 across 3 months or sooner? You promote sooner of course.

Mhari Oakes

Your manager - here to motivate, inspire, support and help you make serious money - with fun high on the agenda!