Only some Sushi will be to Die For

What? I already like Sushi.

Hello my name is Logan Easthouse I have eaten a variety of different Sushi types, styles and have seen introductory plates with their artistic unique style ready up for you to enjoy at the tip of your tongue! Sushi.......Sushi....... A lot of people have tried Sushi once and have barfed it right out of their mouth before they get the true enjoyment and wonder you can find in the Sushi that you and I eat. This is will or can help find your unique style of Sushi and taste.

The Sushi For You And Not For You!

I have loved Sushi ever since I have eaten my first mouth watering bite. But I insist for your own Sushi dish don't get a raw plate or else you will never forget that taste that will never please your mouth ever again.
Japan Sukiyabashi Jiro 3-Star Sushi

Where Did Sushi Come From!

During the Edo period, a third type of sushi was introduced, haya-zushi (早寿司, 早ずし, fast sushi). Haya-zushi was assembled so that both rice and fish could be consumed at the same time, and the dish became unique to Japanese culture. This was cited on the link below.