MRSA: Protecting yourself

How can you protect yourself from MRSA?

To prevent and control MRSA from spreading, maintaining our body and belongings clean are vital. Here are a few ways we can keep our body and belonging clean: Wash hands frequently throughout the day, after playing a contact sport or using gym equipment make sure to shower, wipe down gym equipment before using not only after, keep skin covered with clothing as much as possible, wash clothes in hot water and dry in a hot air dryer, cover ANY skin wound, and last clean your personal living space.

MRSA: Washing your hands, are you doing it right?

You think you know how to properly wash your hands, huh?

Proper hand washing requires soap, water, and friction. Splashing water isn't going to cut it. Here are a few easy steps to make sure your hands are properly getting clean when you wash them. 1) Use warm water and soap (make sure not to share soap, or leave it in the bathroom, instead keep it with your personal belonginings). 2) rub hands (palms, back, under nails, between fingers, and wrists) for atleast 20 seconds. 3) rinse off all soap and dry hands with a paper towel (use the paper towel to turn off water and open bathroom door).