november 19

a recap of the november 19th board meeting

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Board of Education Meeting | November 19, 2020


Governor Pritzker’s November 13 Disaster Declaration provides that, for purposes of the Open Meetings Act virtual-meeting provision, public health concerns rendered in-person attendance of more than 10 people at the regular meeting location not feasible. In addition, with this meeting being on the same night as Parent-Teacher Conferences, District 25 did not have a space for an overflow attendance room. Therefore, no community members were allowed to attend this meeting in person.


There were no recognitions or welcomes at this board meeting.

All public comments were submitted via email prior to the meeting. These comments were categorized, and read aloud at the meeting. The reading of those comments begin at the :50 mark of the meeting and can be viewed at this link:

This meeting's public comments are available in full and can be read by visiting

Categorized summary of Public Comments submitted via Email:

  • Support an Adaptive Pause (37)
  • Vote NO for an Adaptive Pause (21)

  • Shame on the Board and Superintendent for putting lives at risk with in-person learning (1)

  • Support for our children’s teachers. Please consider the metrics and advocate for their safety (5)

  • Support necessary measures to keep our community safe at this time (1)

  • Is D25 considering moving to fully remote over the holidays? (1)

  • Presentation submitted with encouragement to educate the community on all available metrics (1)

  • Do not force people into full remote when they feel hybrid is the best compromise (1)

  • Thank you for advocating for full in-person learning/We need full in-person (3)

  • ½ -day hybrid should be considered (1)

  • Keep hybrid as an option, but slow down the curriculum (1)

  • Remove requirement for a negative PCR test before influenza season so people see their primary doctors for care (1)

  • Personal experience with COVID-19 - please make a safe decision for our community (1)

  • Use both metrics for determining full in-person learning not one or the other and consider science (2)

  • My kindergartner has only seen their teacher face-to-face 9 times. Consider this before deciding upon more restrictions. (1)

  • It is problematic when teachers words do not mirror their actions because they impact students and families (1)

  • We need to return to being a community in how we act and how we treat each other (1)

  • Be proactive and hire more staff now to prepare for full in-person learning (1)

  • Do not implement full in-person now (2)

  • Submitted a visual representation of D25 and surrounding Districts that are remote (1)


department of the superintendent

Dr. Bein's presentation to the Board gave an update on the Transition Model of Reopening. Within this presentation Dr. Bein made a recommendation to move the District to an Adaptive Pause based on many factors detailed in her presentation.

To view her presentation, click here or watch it by clicking here.

The Board took no action on Dr. Bein's recommendation and made the following motion based on Dr. Bein's presentation.


That the Board of Education direct the Superintendent to conduct additional self-risk assessments in line with our local health department based on our internal district and school conditions and request emergency Board meetings as warranted. Furthermore, that the Board meet to provide further clarification about entry and exit criteria for our methods of instruction during the remainder of the school year.

department of facilities management


That the Board of Education approves the 2021 capital improvement projects as presented.

To watch this portion of the Board meeting, click here.

Approval Highlights

  • The 2021 projects were summarized during a presentation made by Ryan Schulz at the November 12, 2020 Board of Education meeting.

  • To view that presentation, click here or watch it by clicking here.


personnel & planning

Employee Handbooks

To watch this portion of the Board meeting, click here.

Informational Highlights

  • Three groups of employees do not have collective bargaining agreements, and take their direction and guidance from employee handbooks.
  1. Food & Nutrition Services Personnel
  2. (TCARN) Teaching, Clerical Assistant, and Registered Nurse Personnel
  3. (ESP) Educational Support Personnel
  • These handbooks will be brought back to the Board in the Spring of 2021 for review and approval by the District 25 Board of Education.
Wage Transparency Act

To watch this portion of the Board meeting, click here.

Informational Highlights

  • Ensuring that D25 is in compliance with the law: Illinois Local Government Wage Transparency Act (Public Act 99-646)
  • To read more about this law, click here.