James Madison Intermediate School

Welcome Back to School Information - August 2022


From Mrs. Abatemarco, Principal

Welcome to James Madison Intermediate School - Proud Home of the Knights! Mr. Mirfield and I are thrilled to welcome our Knights to JMI in a few weeks!

Along with many students who will be walking our hallways for the first time, we also have several staff members who are new to JMI:

  • Mrs. Rozeena Tejani - Nurse
  • Mrs. Julia Conoscenti - Self-Contained Autism
  • Mrs. Carol Chamberlain - Paraprofessional
  • Ms. Ayesha Rizwan - Paraprofessional
  • Mrs. Sarah Cosenca - 4th Grade Teacher for Mrs. O'Malley

We've also excited to welcome back the following staff members:

  • Mrs. Leigh - Grade 4 Teacher for Mrs. Miller
  • Mrs. Alysia Della Salla - Grade 3
  • Mrs. Peters - LLD
  • Ms. Rutzler - Grade 3
  • Mrs. Lehrman - Gifted and Talented
  • Mrs. Vyas - Paraprofessional for Mrs. Negron
  • Mrs. Sharma - Substitute

I am also thrilled to share that Mr. Mirfield, our Assistant Principal, will be at JMI full time!

Our theme for this year is We Shine Brighter Together. It is the combined efforts of our staff, students and families that make JMI a nurturing and inviting place where our children feel safe to learn and grow. On behalf of the entire JMI staff, I look forward to partnering with you this year to support your child along their educational journey.

See you in September!

Mrs. Abatemarco



Parent Portal

Parents/Guardians will be able to see your child's homeroom teacher in Parent Portal starting Monday, August 22.

**Special Note - Even though Genesis was temporarily opened at the beginning of August, please recheck your child's homeroom assignment as changes may have been made.**

Log In Information


  • If you are locked out or forgot your password, please click the "Forgot My Password" button.
  • After 15 minutes, refresh the log-in page.
  • An option to reset your password should be available for you to reset your password.
  • If that does not work, please email genesis.help@edison.k12.nj.us.
  • The school is not able to reset your password.

Once all the required forms are completed, you will be able to view your child's homeroom teacher(s) for the 2022-2023 school year.


Supply Lists 2022 - 2023

Please note that bookbags with wheels are not permitted. If your child needs a rolling bookbag, they must carry the bookbag through the hallways. Students cannot roll their bookbags through the hallway.

Third Grade Supply List

Fourth Grade Supply List

Fifth Grade Supply List

Mrs. Peters' Supply List

Mrs. Conoscenti's Supply List

Thank you in advance for purchasing the materials requested for the upcoming school year.


New Student Orientation - August 31, 2022

We will be hosting a New Student Orientation for families who are new to Edison. This orientation is not for our incoming third-grade students who attended JMP last year since they had an orientation in June.

Families who are new to JMI will receive more information regarding our New Student Orientation next week.


Arrival Procedures

Non-Bus Students


Arrival Time for JMI Students - 8:30 - 9:00 AM.

  • To ease the congestion for the complex, JMI students are allowed to come to school starting at 8:30 AM. Students should not arrive prior to 8:30 as there is no supervision.


Students who are not assigned to a school bus can arrive by walking or by car. Students arriving by car have two options:

  • Park and Walk - Parents/Guardians can park the vehicle by staying to the left when entering the parking lot. Vehicles must be parked in a designated parking spot and parents/guardians MUST walk your child through the lot, across the crosswalks, and onto JMI property.
  • Drop Off - Parents/Guardians can drop your child off through our Drop Off lane. When entering the parking lot, stay to the left and continue along the fence until you are in front of the school. Students MUST be able to exit the car by themselves (please remove child locks) and MUST exit out the passenger side. Please follow the directions of the JMI staff and pull all the way up and have your child exit the vehicle as directed.

Weather Permitting - Outside Arrival September 6, 7, 8 and 9
  • All teachers (except Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Conoscenti's classes) will meet their students on the blacktop behind JMI. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Conoscenti will meet their students at Door 1.
  • Teachers will have signs to help students find the correct line (see picture below).
  • Students will enter the building with their teacher through either Door 1 or Door 6 based on their homeroom.
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter the building.

Inclement Weather - Inside Arrival

  • All students will enter through Door 1 and go into the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) adjacent to the lobby.
  • Homeroom teachers will be in the MPR to meet their students and walk them down to their classrooms.
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed in the building.

Starting Monday, September 12 and continuing for the rest of the school year, all students will enter the building upon their arrival starting at 8:30.

  • 8:30 - 8:45 - All students will enter through Door #1
  • 8:45 - 9:00 - Grade 3, Mrs. Peters' Class, Mrs. Conoscenti's Class and Bus Students enter through Door #1; Grade 4 and 5 enter through Door #6 (on the blacktop)

As with every arrival, pets are not allowed on school property during arrival.

Big picture

Bus Students

Students are only permitted to take a bus to and from school if they have been issued a bus pass.

  • Bus passes are no longer mailed home. Bus passes must be printed from Parent Portal. The bus pass will include the name of the bus route and the bus stop.
  • If the bus pass does not contain a route or a stop, your child is not assigned to a bus and must either walk or get a ride to school. If your child should have a bus pass and does not, please reach out to the Transportation Department through the Help Desk or by emailing transportation.bussing@edison.k12.nj.us.
  • Students are expected to keep their bus pass in their bookbag at all times throughout the school year.

Students should be at the bus stop 45 minutes prior to the start of school. I ask for your patience with the busses during the first few days of school as there will most likely be delays. As the school year progresses, the time the bus arrives in the morning and afternoon should become more consistent.


Dismissal Procedures

Bus Students

Bus students will be dismissed from their classroom and wait in the MPR until their bus arrives. Students will then walk to the bus supervised by JMI staff.

Non-Bus Students - 3:30 PM

  • JMI students should not walk home alone. Any parent/guardian who wants their child to walk home without an adult must send an email to their child's homeroom teacher giving permission to let the child walk home without an adult.
  • Students will be dismissed from Door 6 onto the blacktop.
  • Parents/guardians should wait behind the white line to give our teachers and students space to exit the building.
  • Teachers will lead the class out with a sign so parents/guardians will know when their child's class comes out. Teachers will walk students to a designated area. This will be the same area that the class will stand every day.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave until they see a parent/guardian.
  • Please discuss with your child a meeting space on the JMI blacktop so they know where to look for you. This helps ease their anxiety.
  • Students will wait up against the side of the building with JMI staff until a parent/guardian arrives.
  • At 3:45, students who have not been picked up will be brought to the office and parents/guardians will be called.
  • As always, pets are not allowed on school property during dismissal.

Siblings at JMP

In the past, we were able to offer the Commuter Program which is when JMI students would walk with JMI staff to the JMP playground. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer that as an option this year. Parents/Guardians who have children at JMI and JMP are encouraged to pick up the child at JMP first, and then come to the JMI blacktop to pick up the older child.

Parking Lot Safety

As we are all part of the school community, we all need to do our part to keep our children safe, especially in the parking lot.

  • Students should never walk through the parking lot without an adult.
  • Vehicles need to park in a designated spot. If the lot is full, you will need to park on an adjacent street, but please remember to be respectful of our neighbors.
  • Please practice patience with letting cars out of spots and merging. A security guard will be in the parking lot to help with the flow of traffic, but a safe parking lot environment requires everyone's help.


Before/After Care Information (Edison Rec Department)

Please note that the Before/After Care Program (ABC) is run by the Edison Recreation Department. All questions and concerns regarding the ABC Program should be directed to the Edison Recreation Department at (732) 248-7310.


Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks

Breakfast - FREE for all students starting Wednesday, September 7

Breakfast will be free for all students. If students would like a breakfast, they will need to order in advance. Ordering will be done during homeroom with the homeroom teacher. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to review the Breakfast menu with their child to help the child determine which days they are ordering breakfast.

Lunch - starting Tuesday, September 6


Grade 3, 4 and Mrs. Conoscenti's Class - 12:23 - 1:08

Grade 5 and Mrs. Peters' Class - 1:10 - 1:55


Students will eat in the multi-purpose room.

Lunch Options

Students can bring lunch from home or purchase lunch through our food vendor, Maschio's.

Lunch from Home

  • Students should bring their lunch with them to school to avoid lunch being dropped off during the day.

Buying Lunch from Maschio's

  • Lunch will cost $3.00.
  • Students will order lunch the day before during homeroom.
  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to review the Lunch menu with their child to help the child determine which days they are ordering lunch to help ensure accurate food counts.
  • The Maschio's menu includes a hot and cold option for lunch daily. There is a hot vegetarian option everyday and most days there is also a hot non-vegetarian option.

Food Safety

  • As in the past, students are not allowed to share food or buy snacks for other students.
  • Glass containers, knives, canned beverages (soda, seltzer) and hot beverages are not allowed.
  • If your child will be ordering through Maschio's and has specific dietary restrictions beyond being vegetarian, like celiac or dairy allergies, you MUST complete the food packet below. Again, this is only if you plan to have your child receive their lunch/breakfast through Maschio's. If you do not plan on your child eating a school breakfast or lunch you do not need to complete the form. Our school nurse, Mrs. Tejani, or Maschio's Dietician, Ms. Caccio (jcaccio@maschiofood.com), can assist you with the forms and the process.


All students will have time built into their morning for a working snack. The snacks must be sent in from home and should be healthy and quick so students can continue working. Snack is optional - students do not need to have a snack if they do not want to. Each homeroom teacher will determine the time for snack based on their academic schedule.

Water Bottles

Students should bring their own water bottles from home. All our school water fountains are filtered and have refilling stations that students can use throughout the day, which also helps reduce waste. The school does not provide water bottles.

Click Here for the Free/Reduced Lunch Application Form

Not required. Not all families will qualify.


Parent Help Desk

As of July 2021, our Parent Helpdesk and Support Solution has the following modules to support your needs (click on the department name to access the respective helpdesk):


Back to School Night

Back to School Night will be on Thursday, September 15 starting at 6:00 PM. Back to School Night is completely in-person this year. All presentations will be made available on our school website after September 15 for anyone who cannot attend Back to School Night that evening.

Back to School Night will have two sessions. During the first session, the teachers will also present the welcome back message from Mrs. Abatemarco and Mr. Mirfield. Teachers will present the same presentation during both sessions.

Session I - 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Session II – 6:35 PM - 6:55 PM

Parents/Guardians can choose which session they would like to attend. As you can see from the options below, you do not have to attend both sessions - you can attend at 6:00 and then leave or you can come just for the 6:35 session. Here are some options for how you can enjoy our Back to School Night:

Big picture