Newsletter 3, Week 5 Term 1

Waiau School ⎪ 2nd March 2023


Kia ora,

Week 5 and halfway through Term 1! We have had a productive start to the school year and it is great to see students settling into their learning routines. The support of our school families ensures that we can offer experiences to our tamariki. Next week we are fortunate to be heading over to Takahanga Marae to take part in our Noho Marae experience. Lots of fun activities are planned and it will be a wonderful opportunity to put our tikanga knowledge into practice.

A recent experience that our Senior students participated in was their camp at Wainui. I know you'll enjoy reading the camp recounts published in this week's newsletter.

Enjoy the Amuri A & P Show this weekend and don’t forget to check out the Art displays. Our students are very proud of the art work they have done for the show.

This week we have put together a long newsletter, when you get to the end you will find a surprise!

Nāku, nā,


Board of Trustees news

At our recent Board meeting Hamish Galletly was voted to be our new Presiding Member

(Chairperson). Annabel Harris has taken on the role as Vice Chairperson. Thank you to Annabel for leading our Board for the last 3 years. It is a big role and we appreciate all that you have done in working with the Board to ensure the best possible outcomes for all of our students.

As you can appreciate, all of our Board members are already active community members and we are fortunate to have them take on governance roles for our school.

Swimming Sports

Thank you to everyone who attended our swimming sports yesterday. We were very proud of the children’s achievements. They have shown resilience and determination and the results were visible! We would like to thank Caroline Eastmond for her dedication, expertise and enthusiasm when working with our tamariki and staff.

We congratulate our championship swimmers. The Burbury Cup for Champion Boy Swimmer was awarded to Henry Lott, 2nd place Noah Pemberton and 3rd place Frank Anderson. The Black Cup for Champion Girl Swimmer went to Anikalee Leggett, 2nd place Miah Thomas.

The McNuer Cup for House Relay was won by Annan House. This was a hotly contested relay, as was the Parent/student relay at the end of the afternoon in which the Annan Parents team won.

Our tamariki are very lucky to learn to swim / improve their skills in such a fabulous facility right on our doorstep. A big thank you to our pool committee who has kept the pool in top condition this summer!

Soft Shell Jacket Order Form

We are adding a great addition to our Waiau School uniform to include the option of a lined softshell jacket - embroidered with our school logo on the front left chest.

The price per unit including embroidery is $66.00 (No margin has been added).

If you would like to order one for your child/ren please add the size you would like to the attached order form or you can place an order at the school office. Once your order is received we will email out an invoice. We will be putting through a bulk order as there is a minimum quantity per order. We will look at doing another order later in the year if the demand is there. (Payment required before delivery)

Sample sizes are available at the school office if you would like to try them on your child/ren for size.

Sizes available: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 (Size 16 sample not available)

Click here for the order form

Room 1 Class Trip

We were hoping to head to Hanmer on a bus for our Room 1 trip this term, however, our calendar is so full we have decided to postpone until early in Term 2 so that we can make the most of this exciting adventure. We would love some Parent Helpers to come along too. Keep your eyes peeled for information which will be sent home before the holidays.

Extra support at Waiau School

We are very fortunate at Waiau School to be able to access a variety of people that can assist our students and staff.

We have Jenni McQuillan from Mana Ake. Jenni visits us most Thursday afternoons and she is available to meet with parents, should you have any questions about parenting. Jenni can be contacted at

Karen Nicholls is based at Amuri Area School and visits us weekly as our LSC (Learning Support Coordinator). Karen assists teachers and will also check in with students in order to offer advice/ provide some resources to supplement our learning programmes.

RTLiT (Resource Teacher of Literacy) Julie Green is based at Waipara School and we are able to meet with her to learn about updated literacy practices and to access resources to use in our class programmes.

RTLB ( Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour) We are fortunate to have Louise Douglas

( based at Amberley School) visit us as our RTLB Teacher. Louise has worked alongside Waiau Staff and students for the last few years. She brings a wealth of practical knowledge when working with teachers and families to ensure the best use of resourcing is available to support the learners she is working with.

Teacher Only Days

Waiau School will be open on 24th April (1st day Term 2) and the buses will be running.

The next day school will be closed to observe ANZAC Day .

Our Teacher Only Day will be Monday 1st May. Teachers will be at school undertaking professional learning about the New Zealand Curriculum Refresh.

There will be a second Teacher Only Day focussing on the Curriculum later on in the year. We will endeavour to hold the 2nd ToD on the same day as our other local schools.

Room 2 - Camp Stories

Wainui Camp (A moment in time)

Our amazing camp at Waiau School. We hopped in our car and drove faster then a turtle to Wainui. When we got there we grabbed all our gear and went to our room. Frank, George and Charlie were in my room. Our first activity was coasteering we got ready and got ready to go. Once we got there we got some free time. In the water we had to do a briefing. First we did crab hunting, we got a couple then we went jumping off rocks we swam across the water and then started coming back and we learnt how to low dive too. We swam to shore and had to walk up a huge hill. When we got there we hopped in the cars and then we headed back to camp beating group 1 back to camp. Once we got home we got some free time and then went upstairs to have dinner. For dinner we had butter chicken. It was delicious! After dinner we went to sleep and woke up early and got ready for kayaking. Once we were ready we went and put some jackets on and got into the van. We got to the bay and carried the kayaks down to the water and got in them. We started going around to look at an army shed and then we had a look around for some crabs and then we hopped back in the kayaks and headed back to the van. When we got back to the beach we grabbed the kayak and pulled them up onto the beach and put them back in the trailer and then headed back to camp where we had some more free time. Then we had dinner and went to bed to recover energy for the next day. By Noah

Wainui Camp

Off we went to Wainui YMCA camp with Waiau Schools’, Room 2 students. When we arrived at camp after the 3 hour drive we settled in and found out our rooms and who was in them. I was with Anikalee and Kenzie. On day 2 the first thing we did was coasteering, which was jumping off rocks into the dark blue sea that was about 2 metres deep and freezing cold. Coasteering was almost my favourite thing! After that we came back to camp and had lunch. For lunch we had it from our lunch boxes.

After lunch we went to the beach for a beach explore that’s where I swam out to the pontoon. The water was freezing and really really deep, about 3 metres deep. At the pontoon we jumped off into the sea, and I got purple lips from being so cold! We started talking about sharks and we all got too scared to swim back to the beach, but we all eventually did.

After that we all went back to camp and had some free time then it was dinner which was nachos. It was really good! Then we got pudding which was jelly and ice cream.

Day 3. In the morning I woke up and saw the sun peaking through the curtains, I was the first one awake in my cabin. After breakfast, which was cornflakes and fruit salad, then we set off to go snorkelling. Snorkelling was absolutely horrible because of how cold the water temperature was and the air temperature. I got really cold and purple lips! After snorkelling we did UHF radios it was really cool. We had to answer questions and radio them back to my dad who was back at the camp. Then lunch was Macaroni and cheese which was pretty good and cheesy. After lunch we did orienteering. It was awesome fun. It was my favourite thing at camp! Monte and I went together and we went right to the top of the big hill and we only missed two markers. We got a score of 750 which is pretty good! Then we did search and rescue and we had to find a dummy called Bob. We found stuff like his sleeping bag, footprints and other stuff like that then we found Bob stuck under a log. We had to carry him out on a streacherand he was then saved by us! Then it was free time and dinner. For dinner we had chicken stirfry and did our camp concert. I was in a group with Evie, Alex, Becca and myself. We did a gymnastics thing. When we started my heart dropped because it was the real thing. I felt really nervous but it was pretty good. Then it was the morning we had breakfast then we all packed up and loaded our bags into the car. Then my group went and did shelter building in the morning. I made a hut with Monte, Cassarla and Ella and we made a really cool hut, I liked it heaps! Then we had morning tea and we played heaps of games with instructors. It was my second favourite thing to do on camp. Overall I really enjoyed Wainui camp because of all the exciting things we did. By Miah

Wainui Camp

On the 8th of February we were on day two at Wainui camp. I was up nice and early. We were off kayaking. I was in my suit and life jacket, I jumped into the van with the kayaks in the trailer. It took about 5 minutes to get to our destination. I hopped in a kayak with Evie and paddled out to the pontoon. We all formed a line by holding onto each other. We all followed the instructor to a massive shed. In the war people hid a submarine and weapons in it. When we were finished talking about World War Two, we hopped back into our kayaks. We got to go with our friends. I was with Noah. We paddled back on the way we stopped at an old wooden wharf. Noah and I lent over with our paddles out scraping pippis off the wooden pole that disappeared in the dark sea. The instructor told us to hurry up so Noah and I rushed back to the beach. We dragged the kayaks onto the beach. We had a quick snack and hopped back in the van and drove back to camp. I gave the life jacket back to the instructor and she hung it up in the shed. I walked back to my room and got some dry clothes and went and had some biscuits. While we were laying in our beds talking a parent came and whispered to get ready to go for a swim at the sea. We packed our stuff together and started our walk down to the beach.

Finally we got to the beach. I took my t-shirt off and jumped and started swimming out to the pontoon. On the way to the pontoon I saw some fish, I dived under to try catch on but I had no luck! Finally we got there and started doing manu’s. Suddenly we started talking about sharks and none of us wanted to go back to the beach because we were talking about sharks. Finally we jumped in and raced each other back to the beach. We all walked over to the rock pools to catch some crabs and fish. The parents called us back. We gathered our stuff and started walking back up to camp. We got there and got dry and had some awesome nachos. We had some ice cream and hopped in bed. By Frank

Wainui Camp Story!

In the morning I was in deep sleep then I woke up from my slumber got dressed and crept into the kitchen for breakfast. Then after breakfast we went to the gear shed and went snorkelling. It was so relaxing. I saw so many fish in my goggles. Then we went back and had morning tea. After morning tea I limped to the lounge downstairs and started UHF radios. We had to do our names in words. My short name is November Echo Echo Sierra, which stands for Neeks. Then we rushed to find answers to the questions and my team was called the Foxys. It was so fun finding the answers to the questions we dashed everywhere then we approached the last one that was not there so we went back for lunch. It was American hot dogs. They were so delicious! Then after lunch we did orienteering. Cassarla and I were together. We found each one of the clues by the camp, then we went up the hill. It took us forever to find them. Then Sam was my partner. By this time we were over looking, then we found Clint and he showed us the answer. We went back for afternoon tea. Then we did search and rescue. The person we had to rescue was Bob. We found all his stuff then we found Bob then we took him back. We had to go back down the hill to get back .We had free time then when the others got back we played rugby then after rugby was dinner. We had chicken stir fry it was disgusting. After we had dessert, it was ice cream, it was delicious. Then we had our talent show. There were four groups: the Sapphires, the boys, Victoria's secret, and pony club. The boy's act was very funny. Then the pony club gymnastics and in my one we did dancing and Victoria’s secret sang Victoria's Secret. They were all so funny then Mrs Ferguson yelled that we were going to have a game of spotlight. Then she handed out awards but before we played spotlight we played cricket. It was very fun and great. The night fell so Mrs Ferguson yelled time to play spotlight .We got ready, some people didn't have lights but then people went in pairs then we went off. I hid in a good spot. I thought I was found last but Kenzie and Sam were found last. Then we played one more time. I hid in the bush but I got found. Then everyone was found, then we went to sleep for another good day in the morning! By Anikalee

Wainui Camp

Tuesday 7th of February Room 2 hooned off to Wainui. After 2 and 1/2 hours we stopped at Little River, then Room 2 were there. When we arrived at Wainui, we got in our room at the YMCA where we stayed.

Thursday was fun. Shelter building was fun because we built a good hut and it was waterproof, it was the best. We went to the beach and caught fish, Monte got bitten. I said “Nah that won’t hurt!” Then I got bitten “Ow it hurts!” Then I saw a big crab - it bit me! Me and Benji started a crab farm. First we found small crabs but we made a cage with rocks for the baby crabs. In free time we played cricket. We all got a turn at everything we got a few sixes and then I got out. After that we played spotlight, we had two rounds. I hid with Monte, Noah and Benji up in the tree. In the first round we hid in a bush with Benji. I felt amazing and happy. By George

Bus Safety

Last week Constable Ken came and visited to talk to our Bus Monitors and to catch up with the whole school about Road Safety.

Here are some key points we learned about Car Safety

  • Make it click- always wear a seatbelt
  • Stay in a car seat until over 7 years of age or 148cm tall
  • Children should travel in the backseat because of airbags
  • When Mum or Dad are driving we need to quiet so we don't distract them
  • Always get out on the footpath or house side of the car


A big welcome to Maisie and Bradley to our Waiau whānau!

Assembly Awards

Our Values Whetū (Star) Student of the Fortnight was awarded to:

Samantha for clearly demonstrating our school values. Accepting all challenges and settling well into routines.

Our Class Super Whetū Awards

Room 1- Billie for being a positive role model and a hard worker in Room 1.

Room 2 - Henry for a fantastic start to 2023. Showing focus and determination in all his work.

Goal Setting

We are going to hold Student Goal Setting sessions for each student the afternoon and evening of Monday 20th of March. We will send out a notice next week regarding booking a time to meet with your child/ren's teacher. These sessions are short in duration and are a snapshot of how your child/ren are tracking and sharing what their current learning goals are.

Autumn Working Bee at School

We are planning to hold our Autumn clean up on Friday 24th March (start time to be confirmed). More details to follow in the next couple of weeks.

Important Dates

Waiau School Trailride 29 – 30th April.

Please keep this date free, all parents are expected to help with this awesome event!

Takahanga Marae Overnight Visit - March 8 – 9

Whole school trip

Teachers Only Day - Friday, March 10

School Closed, Tipu Māia Hui

Upcoming Events

  • Hurunui Swimming Sports - Hanmer Monday, March 6 (pp March 7)

  • Takahanga Marae Visit - March 8 – 9, 2023

  • Teachers Only Day - School closed Tipu Māia Hui

    Friday, March 10

  • Dental Van Visiting - 20-22 March

  • Hurunui Duathlon Hanmer - Tuesday, March 21(pp March 22)

  • Autumn Working Bee - Friday 24th March

  • Assembly - Friday, March 242:30 – 3:00pm

  • Teeball/Softball Tournaments - Monday, April 3 (pp April 5)

  • Term 1 Ends - Thursday, April 6, 2023

  • Term 2 Begins - Monday, April 24, 2023

  • ANZAC Day (School Closed) - Tuesday, April 25, 2023

  • Trailride Weekend - April 29 – 30, 2023

  • Teachers Only Day- Monday May 1st.

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Room 1 uses some apples from our school garden.

This week Room One made Apple Crumble. It looked like the school sandpit and the beach. It smelled like oats and apples.

The apple crumble felt like a squished banana. It tasted like a tart apple crumble and it was sweet.

The crumble was a scrumptious dessert. It is my favourite dessert. I am going to make apple crumble.

By Sophie

Yay, it's Friday and we are going to describe the crumble. The apple crumble was good and very appley. It looked like sand with banana on it. In my mouth it was squishy.

By Clara

We made apple crumble and we ate the apple crumble. We cooked it at school. The apple crumble tasted just like apples.

By Charlotte

Big picture