Northview News

Issue #2 November 10, 2021

Letter from Principal Ellinger

Northview Families,

Wow! I feel so honored to work with such dedicated and caring families, teachers, colleagues, and students. I cannot explain how wonderful this year has been. It is great to see parents and community members at Northview volunteering and supporting our teachers. We have had many successes and some challenges with the adjustment back to a "typical" school year. The Northview teachers are dedicated and work very hard to see growth in all children- academically, socially, and emotionally. Make sure to reach out and thank your child(ren)'s teachers.

We have started off the year continuing the development of PBIS, the Positive Behavioral Intervention System with our students. At a universal level, we teach the three B's- Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. In daily morning announcements, Mrs. Pfeifer and I discuss expectations in all areas of the school environment. We have had a large focus on recess expectations in the past few weeks. The Northview staff has shared expectations throughout the school building so all students understand what is expected of them in all settings.

Our PTO has been working hard putting together many events to raise money for our schools. The PTO raised $1711.26 at the garage sale this fall. They also hosted the Fall Fest at Northview and are now working on the organization of Winter Carnival! We do plan on having the Winter Carnival this year.We are looking for silent auction donations. They can be donations from family businesses, or personal services such as dog walking or babysitting. Please reach out to if you have a donation idea. Be on the lookout for more information soon.

Our Halloween Parade was a success. The students had a lot of fun getting together and seeing everyone's costumes. I hope you enjoyed the Halloween Parade Video!

I have really enjoyed all of the communication from NV Families. If you ever have a question, please feel free to contact me.

Sarah Ellinger

Northview Principal

ThanksGIVING and Holiday Support

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are looking to support Howards Grove and Sheboygan County families. For Thanksgiving we are going to be sending out a document to sign-up for donations. We will be providing five families with a full Thanksgiving meal.

For Christmas we will send out a virtual Giving Tree. People will be able to sign up for items that five families need around the holidays. Some items will be necessities, such as toiletries, gas cards, etc. Other items will be gifts that we will wrap and send home with the families so they can have a joyful holiday this year.

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Northview T-Shirt Day

The first Tuesday of every month will be Northview T-Shirt Day. If you would still like to place an order, please use the link below.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are right around the corner! Make sure you have signed up for a conference with your child's teacher for November 16th or November 18th. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Lunchroom Supervisors - Job Opportunity

Northview is still looking for two lunchroom supervisors. This will be a paid position from 11:00am-1pm daily. Please contact me, Sarah Ellinger, if you are interested in working in the school cafeteria.
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Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten had a fun time celebrating fall last month. There were games and treats along with fantastic parent volunteers. Thank you all for making it such a success!


Miss Veldboom's Kindergarten Class

The hallways were filled with many super heroes, princesses, and scary creatures. The kindergarten students had fun celebrating Halloween with their friends and loved seeing everyone dressed up for the Halloween parade.

Miss Galm's Class

Star of the Week is in full swing! Each week, a student is able to bring in items from home to share with the class. This helps us get to know one another and build our classroom community! We took time to write about their favorite things and practiced drawing realistic people by sketching our Star.

First Grade

First graders will need their detective hats and magnifying glasses as they will become “Word Detectives” in reading and phonics. Students will investigate how silent e changes words in phonics lessons. In reading, students will learn strategies for solving tricky words. In writing workshop, students will begin to write How To booklets. Students will begin to learn about unknown numbers in addition and subtraction equations in math. They will use those equations to help solve story problems.

Second Grade

2nd grade has been CeLeBrATiNg!
After learning what it takes to grow like a beanstalk as a reader (2nd graders experience more reading growth in one year than other students!) and studying mentor authors to make their own writing pieces the best they can be, all of 2nd grade gathered together to share their thinking and show off their hard work! Special guest reader Mrs. Milz kicked off the day of celebration with a story about Scaredy Squirrel!
It was super cool to meet and learn from real-life author Juleya Woodson, who visited Northview on Thursday, November 4. The 2nd grade readers and writers asked Ms. Woodson some very thoughtful questions! They definitely have reading and writing on the brain!

Third Grade

The third grade is now working on non-fiction reading and writing. Your child may come home talking about a lot of facts to tell you!! The non-fiction we are writing is on a topic that your child knows a lot about! What do you think your child chose to write about? Talk to them about this topic. It will help their writing.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade has been off to the races writing persuasive essays. Students have been learning how to add mini stories and lists into their papers. In math, students have been tackling multiplication learning 4 different strategies. In reading, students are learning all about the weather. Students are split into groups and are researching causes and effects, measurement, important events, safety and prevention, and first-hand experiences. They will be demonstrating their knowledge by creating prevention and safety posters and writing a weather report. We are looking forward to sharing all of our hard work with you very soon!

Counseling Corner with Mrs. Pfeifer

Last month, Northview students learned about the character trait of Self-Control and celebrated by having Superhero Day! We learned that we are in control of our emotions and can use healthy coping skills to calm down when we have strong feelings. Students learned about the Zones of Regulation, which is a framework designed to foster regulation and emotional control. Students learned about the 4 Zones (Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red) and the feelings that fall into each Zone. Please ask your child about the Zones! Additionally, the Zones framework uses the terms "Expected" and "Unexpected" when referring to behaviors. Students learned that expectations exist wherever we go (school, home, community) and that we have power over the decisions we make. To help teach this concept, we introduced a "Stop, Think, Act" visual. We encourage students to "Stop, Think, and Act" in order to make an expected choice. We also encourage you to use this language with your child at home! You can find more information about the Zones of Regulation by visiting There are also many video options on YouTube.

Our character trait for November is Gratitude. Students will be encouraged to develop an Attitude of Gratitude by participating in daily gratitude challenges. We will celebrate this character trait on Tuesday, November 30 with a School Spirit Day! Students can wear Northview or Howards Grove apparel. We will spend the day feeling grateful for our school family!


It is now easier than ever to connect to your child's online art portfolio on Artsonia! Connect to Northview Elementary school using Artsonia to receive important updates on your child's art classroom activities. Simply click on the link and enter the code PZ6KR8YM along with your child's information and the email you want to be connected to the account. If you have already connected to your child's account you are still set up on Artsonia and will not need to complete these steps. If you have any questions please reach out to your child's art teacher, Mrs. Arneson grades K-1, or Mrs. Lewis grades 2-4 We are excited to start sharing the amazing artwork your children have been creating!


It is an absolute joy to be in the Northview General Music classroom (K-4) and to be directing the 7th-8th Grade Middle School Chorus! The students have been experiencing and learning about music concepts through hands-on learning (instruments, dance, singing, creating, notating) and so much more. The Fourth Grade students began their Guitar Unit, and have learned the C and G7-chord, and pitches E, F and G picking-out music on the staff. Recorders are soon to arrive for all of Grade 3 and 4. Second Graders are learning to track music on the G-clef staff, as well as to identify/define music symbols and vocabulary. Grades K-1 have been matching pitch, playing broken borduns and notating rhythms.

Mrs. Joelle Barrett


Author Juleya Woodson Visits Northview Elementary School

Students at Northview were excited & proud to welcome author Juleya Woodson to Howards Grove on Thursday, November 4.

Ms. Woodson is an author, leader, social worker, family support specialist, mother and wife who supports and promotes the development of healthy racial identities, acceptance, and a good sense of cultural competence through the books children read.

Juleya shared her picture book I Hope They Understand, which encourages us all to recognize and celebrate the beauty of racial and cultural differences. Juleya emphasized for students the importance of loving & accepting yourself always.

After her presentation, Juleya spent time meeting with students & staff and signed copies of her book.

Many thanks to our generous PTO for funding Juleya Woodson’s visit and for donating copies of Juleya’s book to Northview classrooms to allow students and teachers to continue to discuss the importance of self-love & self-acceptance!

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