Walker Bulldog News!

Back to School with the Power of Yet

We all need a pep talk!

Kid Superintendent

Our first week of school is complete!

It was amazing and difficult. It was fun and daunting. It was joyful and scary! But, we did it... together!!!

We are so excited to have you join us online every day. The teachers want to see your beautiful faces online every single day, so please call the school if you cannot get online or have difficulty with any of the technology required to access school.

Please, follow your teacher's schedule as assigned in Seesaw. I am attaching the individual teacher Zoom links here in case you need them, but it will be easier if you can get your child familiar with Seesaw! Teachers and classes have clickable pictures and shapes that make it easy for students to get to their online classes.

K - Herrera

K - Morales

1 - Kladis

1 - Sanchez

2 - Kosmowski

2 - Suhail

3 - Manzke

3 - Piekos

4 - Galvan

4 - Watkiss

PE - Torringa

Steam - Karlovics

Art - Rodarte

Food Service at Walker School

Please stop by Walker School from 10:30 to 12:00 for grab and go breakfast and lunch packs each day. Parents need only give the name of their student. At this time no ID is required and students do not have to be present for pick-up.

Home Learning Tips - Create a learning area.

Find a space inside your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or other special place to call your own.

Find a place that is:

- Quiet

- Not busy

- Comfortable

- Close to everything you need

Then put your student schedule on the wall.
Keep crayons, scissors and pencils close by and organized.

Find a place to post classwork on the wall or refrigerator to show off learning!

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