Nov. 13th, 2017 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!


As my family prepares to sit around the table for our upcoming Thanksgiving meal, we also prepare to share why we are thankful.

If you were asked to share your gratitude list, what would you share?

Did you know that sharing what you are thankful for is good for your health?

Take time this week and after Thanksgiving to keep a list of gratitudes. It is a great reference to use when you need a quick recharge. 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Gratitude That Will Motivate You To Give Thanks Year-Round

I am thankful for all of the hard work and dedication each of you provide to make a difference in the future for our students.

Enjoy this week of jeans as a gift of gratitude for all you do!

Why are we becoming a No Excuses University Campus?

Becoming a No Excuses University Campus

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college. When schools exhibit a culture of universal achievement by believing in students, they collaborate around that belief. During collaboration, they align their standards as a team. As teams align standards, they need to assess the standards and manage the data. Then, and only then, can they pursue meaningful interventions with their students.
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  • University Fight Songs playing as students enter the gym (Mr. Thomas)
  • Entrance song, dance/clap (3 min.) Admin team
  • Rake It Up Kid Remix | Back To School Anthem:

    (Ms. Green 3 min)

  • Celebrate the Students of the Month. They are on their way to college. (2 min)

  • Grade Level Chants. (Students will stand up and share their chant from their location). Each grade level chant will be projected on the screen. Click here to see the chants. (7 Min)

  • We believe in you- After High School comes college (1 Min)


This week we will be looking at our data during our Tuesday sessions with our PLCs. We will continue looking at data during the months of November and December.

  • Click here to see your grade level Istation Data.
  • Click here to see the correlation with 3rd to 5th Reading CBAs and Istation
  • Click here to see the grade level Grade Level Distribution Report

We will begin building our Data Wall for K to 2nd on Nov 27th, Nov 30th and December 1st using November's data. I will provide details during our Tuesday sessions with PLCs.

We will begin building our 3rd to 5th Data Wall on December 11th, 14th and 15th using December's data. I will send these grade levels specific directions.

PLC information November 14th

Focus: Data Analysis:

Remember, using data to drive instruction is an ongoing process. It will lead to responsive and differentiated teaching and learning for your students!

Step by step directions on how to print data from eduphoria! Click here

See you Tuesday at the data hub ready to participate in new learning!

Imagine Math (Think Through Math or TTM)

Congratulations to all of our Ponies in third, fourth, and fifth grades for their work in Imagine Math (TTM). We begin this week with an 86% passing rate, with a total of 1,782 lessons passed. The first benchmark assessment has been administered in all 3rd thru 5th grade classrooms, and the time and attention teachers have devoted to this online resource is sincerely appreciated.

Best wishes and happy problem-solving,

Wanda Oden

Field Day-Friday November 17th

Final field day schedules will be distributed to teachers on Tuesday. Please look them over when you receive them to see if you have any questions. Bring a sign or flag representing your college along with plenty of spirit, including your college chant. Remind students to wear tennis shoes on Friday. Do your best to have your class at their first scheduled event promptly as they only have 10 minutes before rotating to the next event.

Thank you!

Coach W.

Click here for more details.


Remember to update your tutoring log HERE for title one documentation
LVES After-School Clubs

After-School Club Enrollment Spreadsheet

We had an huge response from students who were interested in enrolling in our after-school clubs this year! Sadly, the enrollment period has ended and no other students will be added. Click HERE to see the most up to date list of club participants. If a student is not listed he/she should be dismissed to go home from the Rally like normal. Otherwise, they will be dismissed to the library for their club.

Thanks so much for your help everyone!

Literacy Night

Literacy Night is happening this Thursday right after our PTA meeting (6:00-7:30). The highlights of the night are:

  • Different literacy stations for the kids to practice their reading skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • How to use Istation at home.
  • Newcomer backpacks will be given to our students who are new to the country.
  • Sign up parents for DuoLingo online to learn English or Spanish.
  • Magnetic question cards with strategies to help children at home in both English and Spanish.
  • Flyers for parents on how to help their child at home with reading.

  • Information about Denton County ESL classes.

Please let us know if you can volunteer your time to be part of this event. Encourage your students and parents to come and have a good time with reading.

Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Lewisville Elementary Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Weekly Calendar

Monday November 13th

  • College Ready Rally 2:20-2:45pm Grade level Chants
  • LPAC 8:30 -9:30
  • P.E.- 21-day Challenge SURVEYS Begin
  • College/U shirt Day

Tuesday November 14th

  • PLC in Data Hub
  • Inst. Tech ACT

Wednesday November 15th

  • All Level Team Meetings
  • ½ of 5th @ Enterprise City
  • NEU Staff Picture 3:15 pm No BLT Committee
  • NEU Crew Mtg 3:25-4:30 pm

Thursday November 16th

  • Inst. Tech ACT
  • ½ of 5th @ Enterprise City
  • PTA Meeting & Literacy Night 6-7:30 pm
  • McDonald’s Night

Friday November 17th

  1. Field Day
  2. K,1 and 2nd grade Student of the Month Lunch With the principal

Staff Shout Outs

  • Mrs. Boston: Thank you for always putting the students first! You always go above and beyond to provide the best instruction to your students.
  • Ms. Shield: Thank you for always keeping the 3rd grade team in the loop.
  • Mrs.Kilam: Thank you for allowing me to observe your guided reading.
  • Mrs. Sinnott - For helping to keep our team efficient!
  • Ms. Green, Ms.Echevarria, and Ms.Burleson for setting up a Parent Night and staying late for our families!
  • Ms. Lawson, Mrs. Simpson, and Mrs. Burleson: thank you for always being supportive.
  • Mrs. O'Donnell - For her unconditional support!
  • Ms.Echevarria for planning and organizing a wonderful Veterans Day celebration.
  • Mr.Thomas for always being ready to help with such a positive attitude!
  • Vando for her hard work and willingness to always go above AND beyond.
  • Mr. Colón for all the first grade resources and supplies he continues to share with me. They're greatly appreciated!
  • Mr. Perez for a great organization during the Read a Thon.
  • All of the instructional coaches for going above and beyond to help our teachers.
  • Betty Guerrero for being the best secretary ever!
  • Ms. Zamora for keeping our website updated.
  • Mr. Thomas for getting his students ready to sign the National Anthem. It was beautiful.

Click here to submit your Shout Out.


Ramona Holder Nov. 1st

Beth Hayes Nov. 7th

Marcine Simpson Nov. 10th

Catherine McIntosh Nov. 12th

Teresa Sayers Nov. 14th

Ernestina Wier Nov. 24th

Elizabeth Varona Nov. 27th