Monica's goals for 5th grade


My writing goals

My writing goals are

to work on my handwriting

and to write alot

to reach these goals I will need

help with cursive handwrithing

My math goals

My math goals for 5th grade are

to practice alot with multipulcation

and to get brtter at decimals

and to work on divion

To reach these i will need

help with math

My behaveier goals

My behavior goals for 5th grade are

I will be quiet when I'm suppose to be

I will get my agenda signed

and ill try not to get in troble

to reach these goals I will need

My strengths

my strengths are

im very kind to everyone

I love reading and science

I love helping others

my areas for groths

My areas of groths are

I need to work on my multiplecation problems

and I need a little help with divstion

but most of all I need more help with math and science