Ian Brown

Bodies of water and land forms

Big Bay, Bougainville Strait, Pacific Ocean, Detroit De Selwyn

MTS. Ambrym, Mount Tabwemasana, Mount Yasur, Mount Tukosmera, Mount Charat


Tropical Maritime, High humidity, variable rainfall, Cold (dry) seasons May - October Hot (wet/cyclone) season from November - April.

Plants and Animals

Vanuatu Petrel, Palm trees, Banana trees

Natural Resources

Hardwood forest, Fish


Austranesian Languages first came to the islands some 4,000 to 6,000 years ago


English, French, Bislama- Nivanuatu people, 94% Vanuatu's population is indigenous Melanesian.

Land use

Arable land 1.64%, permanent crops 6.97%, other 91.39%

Education and Religion

Education is for almost all children except in a few tribal areas. Christianity, Islam.

Traditions, Customs, Food

The Nalawan (malekula is) and ROM (Ambry is) this tradition is when people dance around and have a great time. Some foods are Lap Lap and Coconut.

Current issues and Challenges

Most of the population does not have access to a reliable supply of potable water.