Grourkes planet

The safest planet around


Planet Grourke has a Red giant star that is just 5 astronomical units away. This planet is 2 times Earth. This planet has all that the family needs including volcanoes, plate tectonics, water and producers. We are sure that your family will have a blast at Grourkes planet.


Planet Grourke has 2 moons making it impossible living near the beach because of just how powerful the tide is but good for surfers. There is alot more high tides because the gravitatoanal force is just to high. Their orbit is a circal so we have the same seaons.

The best planet in Shea's galaxy

Grourke planets tilt and gravity

Grourkes planets tilt is at 50 so you better be ready for cold winters and really warm summers. Our planets mass is twice Earths so we have double the gravitational force

The producers

Planet Grourke is filled with a whole bunch of producers so your family will have a great time surviving. Starting at the bottom of the food chain with plants likes sunflowers and berry's etc.. WE have all the animals you would want like cows and chickens even acouple new one.