2015 Highlights

Stephen Bohenek

Top Marketing Companies

Geico is currently the number 4 in the top insurance companies annually putting out 1 billion dollars in advertising. In 10 Companies With Insanely Great Marketing they say, " Geico has some of the best ad marketing concepts on the planet." Marketing wise they are able to capture your attention with their gecko that is in all of their commercials.

Snickers is know for their well known commercials which have the legendary line of, " you are not you when you are hungry." Snickers has made annually 424,112,200 dollars and has earned the name, "Americas Favorite Chocolate." With the large amount of money that the company brings in they have the luxury of spending a good chunk on their advertising campaign.

Apple, being the most popular of all the phone companies has earned their spot on my top three advertising of 2015. I can recall one commercial advertising their new iPad, which started out totally unlike a tablet commercial and caught my attention, then it changed all of a sudden into a the iPad and i was shocked. As of 2015 they spend a whopping 23 million dollars on their advertising campaign.

Best Products VS. Worst Products

Best Products

GoPro has revolutionized the aspect of capturing pictures and videos of high intensity moments. Not only being used by sports teams and extreme sports groups it has also being used by the general public. Making 284 million dollars in 2015.

iPhone 6: i wouldn't consider it one of the best products but it was very very popular. Making a great amount of their money off of this product and later introduce the iPhone 6s which brought in more money.

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Worst Products

Hoverboard, as if America isn't lazy enough, we now have taken it to far. Now anybody has the ability to obtain a personal vehicle that can take them where ever they please.

Apple Watch. every body now a days has a phone at their disposal. When apple introduced the apple watch and having the ability to take calls from your watch it sounded like a decent idea. When it later came out, it quickly turned into a small phone on your wrist and was quickly getting a lot of hate.

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Best Movies

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Mad Max Fury Road

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Music Artists

Adele, a great artist that has came out with around 25 three songs over the coarse of 2015. Most people for her naturally great voice in which she usually does not use auto tune.

Drake, a net worth of 76 million dollars has sold over 1 million copies of his most current album. Drake is the first artist of 2015 to have a platinum album and counting for his fourth overall.

Top 5 Most Expensive Sports Franchises

  1. Real Madrid-3.26 billion
  2. Dallas Cowboys- 3.2 billion
  3. New York Yankees- 3.2 billion
  4. FC Barcelona- 3.16 billion
  5. Manchester United- 3.1 billion