Alexis Bell


Age: Atleast 30 years old

Residency: Have to be a citizen for atleast 9 years before the election

Terms Of Office

Number of years: Senators are given 6 year terms, but 1/3 of the senate has a Re-elcetion every 2 years

Staggered Elections: In november of even years.

Senate also begin their terms on January 3. after the election held the previous November

Salary & Benefits

Senate and the House have their own set salaries

Amendment was passed that prohibits a sitting Congress from giving itself a pay raise (amendment 27th)

Benefits: Stationary, postal for offical business (called the Frankling Privelage), a medical clinic, and a gymnasium

Members will also recieve a large allowances to pay for their staff, trips home, and assistant.

Pensions-- 50,000-$150.000


they are to protect them while carrying out their legislature duties