Whole Bunch of Nothing

By: Ben Phillips

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Monday, March 28th, 12pm

202 U.S. 19

Americus, GA

This was when my Orientation started.

I Got a Job at McDonald's

I had orientation Monday and I started work on Wednesday. It was kind of stressful when I didn't know how to do anything and people were screaming at me to hurry up, however I've gotten the hang of it and it is a lot more fun and easy now. Someone ordered 26 Big Macs which was tiring to make and then someone else ordered 100 chicken mcnuggets so that's just great too.
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New Phone

Monday, March 28th, 10:15am

1718 East Lamar Street

Americus, GA

I got the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge here.

I Got a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

I went to Verizon Monday to get this phone because I needed a phone for work, also what is a teen without a phone? Exactly. I really like this phone so far. It is a huge upgrade from my old phone.
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Friend Came Over

Sunday, April 3rd, 3:15pm

132 Dogwood Drive

Americus, GA

My friend came over to where I live to hang out.

One of My Friends Came Over to My House

He came over Sunday and we played some video games. We also went for a walk around the neighborhood. He didn't spend the night but he did stay until 10 PM. We also cooked dinner and watched some scary movies, one of the movies we watched is The Forest.