Blue prints to the stock world:

  • 1 wealth has had enough experience to clearly point out what processes are involved in the active global markets. As our 1 wealth partners can clearly show just how experienced we are with their widespread knowledge, thanks to 1 wealth solutions we are able to have an organized means of classification as this is one of the ways you can get to understand how an ordinary market works.

Bond markets:

  • This is where there consists of bond valuation, corporate bonds, fixed income, government bonds, high yield debt and the municipal bond.

Stock market:

  • Under the stock markets, there exists the stock itself, the stock certificate, voting share, the stock exchange which you might know about, registered share, common stock and the preferred stock

Derivatives market:

  • Under this section you can learn about futures exchange, securitizations, hybrid security and credit derivative.

Over the counter:

  • This is where we have the spot markets and Swaps

More about the markets:
As the stock market is made up of many networks, there are also other markets in existence such as the commodities market, the real estate market, the reinsurance market and the ever active and global money market.
Trade activities:

  • This takes place in a clearing house where there are financial regulations put in place to ensure fairness.

Eyes on the price:

  • If you intend to get the best out of your trading experience then you shouldn’t have to be contented with just what you have. In the spirit of pursuing success, you should always take a chance on identifying new opportunities that seem rather safe and profitable. 1 wealth takes great pride in ensuring that the very success you are going to achieve is the very success that we work hard to sustain for the sake of a brighter future in oncoming investments.

  • Success is what we wish for all our clients and if we are able to see you through such achievements then we are more than happy to always come to your service whenever needed. Wealth is everywhere and we believe that you can get a part of the wealth that the world has to offer. The insights and support given is always constant and if you want, you can always reach our ever present support service who are on standby to assist you together with our long list of loyal customers!