Where am I from

Evelyn (Poetry and Visual Arts Editor)

Where am I from

When I turned ten I met my family.

Children swimming in lakes like Finding Nemo

living in limbo

lost in the waters of disease.

Hunted by the scent of rubbing alcohol and hospital soap

Tormented by the shadows of the one forced to mingle.

A home of human pillows

With the Island of Misfit Toys

All of us banished

The only reason is our pain stained scars.

With the ones that felt more normal

Then the “Normals.”

Who never needed the radio to manufacture a chart topper

The lyrics and

Scream at top of lungs singing

Comes as naturally as

The half that never grew

The holes that formed from times erosion

And the mutation from a misdiagnosis.

We varnish our clothes with

Powdered pastels and Trout Lake

Instead of the insults smeared on our faces

In the countless county factories that produce them.

As we sit in supposed to be silent rooms

Laughs break through the bug spray infested air

And the sunlight streaks the brunette rooms.

When our mothers and fathers for the week

Try to wrangle us in bunks

To rest our heads,

Save our energy.

So this is how I grew up.

Snapping photos

Lining up with my sisters and brothers

Capturing consuming memories for funless days

When the words and thoughts cut

Deeper than a scalpel.

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Evelyn is a Poetry and Visual Arts Editor of Boom Site. She is a junior in high school and is active in the theater and choir departments at her school. She has been writing stories since she was young. She writes poetry and prose and is involved with many creative arts endeavors. Her favorite books include Looking for Alaska by John Green, Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern, and A Separate Peace by John Knowles.