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A reminder that the PTSA Family picnic is Monday, 9/19, from 5:00-6:30, with the PTSA meeting to follow at 6:30. They are going to try something new this year, with only four meetings, on a quarterly basis. Please consider joining us for the family picnic and/or the meeting. Thank you for your support!

Please put this in your weekly newsletter

The United Way and Salvation Army’s Community Winter Outerwear program provides free winter coats, and other winter gear (boots, gloves, hats), to family members of all ages. If your family is in need, please pick up a yellow voucher from the Folwell office. If you have questions regarding the program, please call Lindy Lange, school social worker, 328-3220.

Walk to School Day is October 5

Walk to School Day will be October 5. We are working on securing some local celebrities to be on campus as students arrive. In the weeks leading up, we will also be surveying students to see how many students are walking, biking or scooting to school. Mrs. Cleary and I are working together. We are not going to have the students doing any extra walking, since many of them are already walking to school AND we have running club. Would third, fourth or fifth grade be interested in helping survey the students?

Grade Level Reading Curriculum

Here is a compiled list of books that are reserved to each grade level with the new reading curriculum. These books are mentor texts/read alouds specific to each grade level that all students will experience. Significant time and learning will be spent on these texts so please refrain from using other grade level’s books. Click here for a Google Docs list.

Also, there has been a plethora of information, in the form of frequently asked questions, available from C&I. Because it is SO much information, I would like to have a brief conversation with K-2 at the end of the PLC meeting on Wednesday before sharing this with you.

RPS Innovates - Do you have an innovative idea?!?

Let's think about this! Who is interested and how can I support you?

Post Bulletin Newspapers

The Post-Bulletin is rolling out a new experience for its readers on Monday, Sept. 19. The newspaper is taking a renewed, refreshed and revitalized look at news and how we deliver that news to readers. The whole new approach is creating a modern newspaper and we think more people will find it engaging and worthwhile.

We want as many people as possible to see the new newspaper, including teachers and students. Therefore, we're flooding southeastern Minnesota with free copies; we'll be dropping off a bundle of 100 newspapers at every school office in southeastern MInnesota with the Sept. 19 paper ONLY.

The bundle of 5 newspapers that arrive daily for your library will be a bundle of 105 on Monday. Please give 5 newspapers to the library. The remainder I'd like to be made available to as many teachers as possible — social studies teachers, math teachers, elementary school teachers, they can all use them in the classroom. In fact, I've included several lessons at the end of this for those teachers who've never thought of the multitude of ways newspapers can be incorporated into lesson plans.

And while major changes are being made with the Post-Bulletin, some things remain the same: newspapers are still available for classrooms at just 12 cents per paper, per day. An email or phone call to me is all it takes to get papers rolling to a classroom.

Please take a look at the Monday, Sept. 19, newspaper, and pass it along to your teachers, specialists, aides, etc. We're excited to roll out the concepts which have been in the works for months now, and hear how readers like it.

Randi Kallas

Newspaper in Education coordinator

Post-Bulletin Co.

— And here are those lesson plan ideas:

Energy lessons in physical science

Let students look through the newspaper to find things that need electricity to work. For each example they find, discuss ways the same work could be accomplished without using electricity. List the alternative forms of energy.

Standards Link: Understand the sources and properties of energy.

Personality Profiles

Have students choose words and/or phrases that describe a famous person—real or legendary. Glue these words and phrases into a silhouette of the famous person.

Standards Link: Reading Comprehension: Students group related ideas and maintain a consistent focus.

Highs and lows

Collect the weather section of the newspaper for seven days. Use one sheet of graph paper to make a bar graph showing the high temperatures for one week. Use another sheet of graph paper to show the low temperatures.

Standards Link: Students summarize and display data results in a clear and organized way.


Just a note to let you know that all students were loaded into the IXL database prior to the start of school and students were promoted to the next grade levels. Hopefully teachers are creating or have created their class rosters and students are well into practicing their skills. New students that registered late with the district will not be in the system, so they will need to be added.

Below is an email from IXL introducing our team and their contact information. Below the introductions, are some great links for free teacher resources. Just click on the section at the bottom for information about updating class rosters, etc.

Jeffrey Peterson is our IXL account contact person this year and he’s from MN too J. I am also here to provide support if you need to add new students or teachers; If you need to change school buildings for students or teachers; or change usernames for students.

Thank you,

Rebecca Seeger

Rochester Public Schools-Edison

Instructional Technology Secretary


Fo Calendar Overlay in Outlook

To open the Calendar, right-click on My Calendars in the Outlook Calendar pane, and select Add Calendar > From Room List…

Select the correct Calendar from the Room List.

Another way to access the room list is to select it from the Open Calendar button from the top Outlook Menu.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 9/19

DUTY: Howes (Door #1), Beebe (Door #2), Dussol (Load & Go), Pease (Door #6)

AED Training 8:00-8:30

Leadership Meeting 8:30-8:50

Folwell Family Picnic 5:00-6:30

PTSA Meeting 6:30-8:00

Tuesday, 9/20

PGP Meeting 8:00-8:50

Fire Drill 1:40

Pease/Armstrong QH

Wednesday, 9/21

PLC Fishbowl (Would someone like to volunteer to "host" this meeting?) 8:00-8:45

K-2 Curriculum Conversation (8:45)

Moritz, Lange and Holtman out of office to attend District Leadership (Dave Wilmes, Historical Trauma)

Thursday, 9/22

PBIS and Social Committee Meeting

Olson, Nelson and Strain to QH

Friday, 9/23

Falcon Friday - encourage students to wear red and black, or Folwell Spirit Wear!

Fall Fundraiser starts September 28