Innate Greatness-Principles 6 and 7

"Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first."


Thanks for clicking through to read more about NHA! I hope that the ideas in this entry help you navigate your relationships with your children.

Although not a replacement for a NHA workshop, Howard’s principle videos provide a nice overview of the main components of the practice. If you missed the first principles, they are included in these entries from the previous two weeks-

This week’s videos aim to help you to continue to shift where you intentionally place your energy to promote your child’s inner wealth and set the stage for NHA consequences.

Principle 6 - Flip the Switch (4:36 minutes)

Instead of giving discussions, lectures, admonishments, warnings, threats, etc. when a rule is being broken, give the energized lectures and appreciation many times a day when rules are NOT being broken. Be willing to flip the switch on your energy 180 degrees. ~ Howard Glasser

Principle 7 - See the Greatness (6:06 minutes)

Make these moments super-energized by feeling the gratefulness and emotion that is authentically there. After all, if you have a child who is very disrespectful, then the truth is that when the disrespect ISN’T happening, it is glorious and wonderful. ~ Howard Glasser

Since beginning my NHA journey, I’ve come to realize that the practice is more about teaching children self-regulation than a tool for behavior management. As Howard shares information on a true consequence in the next couple of weeks, I hope you are able to see how a simple reset is a foundation for regulating emotions and behavior and learning self-agency.

To that end, I started a CHALLENGE 18 days ago that I would LOVE for you (and your family) to join me in. I stumbled across “Yoga with Adriene” and I LOVE IT!

Full disclosure: I have never done yoga before, actually never had the desire, but when I found this, I thought “why not give it a try”. Especially since my flexibility and balance could really use some work. Along with those wins, I also found that yoga is a practice of using the breath to focus the body and mind. The 30-day challenge (Day 1) has been non-threatening (no contortions), attainable (free on youtube), short (20-25 minutes), and retainable (I find myself using the techniques throughout my day).

We’ve all heard the importance of taking care of ourselves and this is just one more strategy that has an added bonus of teaching your child(ren) HOW to self-regulate. Win. Win.

When we are regulated, we are able to make clear and confident decisions.

As we head into spring, I hope that NHA is helping you see and call out your child's innate greatness and that you are thriving!

To YOUR (and your child’s) Greatness, Humanity, and Significance!

Amy and Karla