Alexander Scharf

Alexander Scharf: Many Satisfied Investors And Partners

Alexander Scharf

Alexander Scharf is a highly successful investor who has developed a track-record of success throughout his career. Alexander Scharf is recognized as an accomplished investment professional. Alexander Scharf has many satisfied investors and partners who have reaped the many benefits of participating in his ventures. Alexander Scharf recently launched a fund to invest in NNN, or, ‘Net-Net-Net’ leased properties nationwide.

Alexander Scharf: Inspirational Speaker

Alexander Scharf is a leading real estate owner and operator of several successful hospitality ventures. Alexander Scharf is widely recognized for his work in the real estate field, including his gut renovation of the Staten Island Hotel. In 2011, Alexander Scharf transformed the Staten Island Hotel into Staten Island’s finest Independent Senior Living Facility.

Alexander Scharf serves on the Board of multiple Jewish communal, educational, and good samaritan organizations.

Alexander Scharf founded the Esplanade chain of Luxury Residences for seniors located throughout the tri-state area.

Alexander Scharf is the Vice President of Lloyd Capital Corp – an SBIC that provides equity and loans to small businesses.

Alexander Scharf is a believer in the principle of perseverance. No matter how challenging a goal may be, Alexander Scharf believes it can be achieved. According to Alexander Scharf, there are many ways in which one can excel in any number of areas.

In his spare time, Alexander Scharf enjoys collecting art as well as composing, producing, and performing Jewish Contemporary Music.

Alexander Scharf has led a remarkable career. Alexander Scharf owns and operates the Westminster Hotel in Livingston, New Jersey, which is one of only a handful of Four Diamond rated hotels in Central New Jersey.

Alexander Scharf has successfully converted hundreds of residential units into condominium ownership throughout New York City.

Alexander Scharf is also the owner and operator of 2 highly successful affordable extended stay hotels in New York City.

Alexander Scharf has worked to better the lives of people in need and has been involved with a number of charitable organizations. Alexander Scharf has lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan his whole life.

Jewish Contemporary Music With Alexander Scharf

Alexander Scharf, is familiar with many aspects of contemporary Jewish music. As a composer and producer, Alexander Scharf continuously builds upon his interest and knowledge-base in Alexander Scharf is also a performer of his work.

The arena of contemporary Jewish music is vast, according to Mark Kligman, a Jewish ethnomusicologist who says that Jewish music is inclusive of numerous styles and genres ‘. . . including music for the synagogue, folk and popular music on religious themes, Yiddish songs, klezmer music, Israeli music, and art music by serious composers’.

Alexander Scharf is a successful real estate businessman who earned his BA from Bernard Burch University in New York City, New York. Most of Alexander Scharf efforts are spent in his career as a leading real estate owner, operator, and investor. However, when he’s not busy with work, Alexander Scharf spends much of his time composing, producing, and performing contemporary Jewish music.

Alexander Scharf spends much of his free time working on music as a composer, producer, and performer of original Jewish contemporary music. Alexander Scharf possesses extensive knowledge of music literature, especially as it pertains to contemporary Jewish music.

Alexander Scharf serves on the board of numerous Jewish communal, educational, and good Samaritan organizations. His involvement in these organizations has been of great benefit to many, and continues to have a resonating and positive influence on their members. Alexander Scharf gets much fulfillment from his community and charitable involvement, and is always interested in making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Alexander Scharf: Benefits of Athletics

Alexander Scharf is a real estate professional who has maintained his pursuit and practice of athletic activities throughout his remarkable career. Despite running a very busy schedule, Alexander Scharf is regularly involved in athletic activity including indoor and outdoor activities.

Alexander Scharf hasn’t let his busy lifestyle destroy his athletic lifestyle.

On the contrary, throughout his highly renowned career, which has been highlighted by a vast-array of successful real estate ventures, Alexander Scharf has maintained his athleticism and has even honed his athletic pursuits and goals further. Alexander Scharf is a frequent participant of physical activities that incorporate cardiovascular and muscle-building training.

Alexander Scharf believes that few things can compare to the importance of physical health. If you are currently considering ways in which you may boost your physical health and fitness, Alexander Scharf wants you to know that it’s never easy in the beginning, however everyone is capable of making adjustments to their lifestyle in hopes of achieving better health.

Regular physical activity, as well as exercise, can do wonders for a person’s endurance, as well as their ability to focus and to be successful. Alexander Scharf understands this well, and is constantly striving to maintain a good bill of health. He believes that exercise can be a great way to improve your energy, your health and your ability to focus on tasks at work and at home. He also knows that participating in athletic and/or physical activity can be a great way to release stress, and to balance what can often be a sedentary lifestyle.

Alexander Scharf: The Importance Of Supporting Charities

Alexander Scharf is dedicated in his support of a wide-range of charitable causes.

There are many, many charities that are in need of support. Alexander Scharf is the supporter of numerous charities throughout the nation, many of which provide life-enhancing, life-sustaining, and other services and resources to people in need.

Alexander Scharf is the member of numerous nonprofit organizations. Alexander Scharf serves on the board of a number of Jewish communal, educational, and good Samaritan organizations. The types of activities that Alexander Scharf has helped initiate, direct, and support in a variety of ways include fundraising drives that have raised money for many and diverse good causes.

Alexander Scharf believes that everyone should be able to get involved with a cause that they believe in, especially when it will result in other people being helped in much needed areas. He believes in social responsibility, and strives to promote the benefits of charity and community involvement to the people he knows and does business with. Alexander Scharf is a passionate contributor who genuinely cares about giving back to the community.

There are many ways an individual can get involved, as Alexander Scharf understands, and everyone has an opportunity at some point in their lives to make a real and impactful difference in the lives of a less-fortunate person. As the member of a number of nonprofit organizations, as well as a regular contributor to nonprofits throughout the community, Alexander Scharf is aware of the difference that one person can make through charitable endeavor.

Alexander Scharf: Real Estate Highlights

Alexander Scharf owns a number of real estate properties throughout the United States. Alexander Scharf is recognized throughout the country as an experienced an honest businessman. Among some of Alexander Scharf’s responsibilities include the operation of 6 Independent Luxury Senior Residences; owning and operating 2 highly successful affordable extended stay hotels in NYC; owning the illustrious Westminster Hotel in Livingston, New Jersey; and more.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights of Alexander Scharf real estate career.

Alexander Scharf is a multifaceted individual who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bernard Burch University. Having earned his BA in Business from Bernard Burch University, Alexander Scharf went on to accomplish early and significant success in the field.

In 1993, Alexander Scharf opened the 1st ever assisted living facility in Manhattan.

Alexander Scharf founded and expanded the Esplanade chain of Luxury Residences for Seniors located throughout the tri-state area.

Alexander Scharf purchased and gut-renovated the Staten Island Hotel, a landmark in Staten Island that fell in to disrepair, and transformed it into Staten Island’s finest Independent Senior Living Residence.

Alexander Scharf owns and operates the illustrious Westminster Hotel, which is located in Livingston, New Jersey. The Westminster Hotel has been awarded Four Diamond status. Only 5.3% of more than 29,000 hotels nationwide have received a Four Diamond rating.

Alexander Scharf is the owner of a variety of real estate properties including the following: The Esplanade Senior Residences; the Claridge Court Apartments; the Westridge Apartments, the Meadowridge Apartments, and many more. Alexander Scharf own and operates several hundred residential units in Houston, Texas. Alexander Scharf has successfully converted hundreds of residential units into condominium ownership throughout New York City.