News from Azul 4

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November 10-14

Canned Food Drive is here!!! Please start sending in your canned food to help support Azul for Turkey Bowl, and more importantly to help feed our friends at Harvest House.

  • Tuesday - Veteran's Day- wear your red Run for the Rings shirt with a red, white, or blue shirt underneath, preferably long sleeves since it will be so cold!
  • Wednesday - Spelling Bee in the gym at 8:00 (Good luck Caleb and Shelby!)

Wednesday Folders

I started sending home Wednesday folders a couple of weeks ago. This will hold all your students work for the past week and any other information that the office sends to go home. The work and papers are yours to keep and should give you an idea of how your child is performing in class. It is important that you sign the back of the folder and return it asap so we can begin to fill them for the next week.

What We're Learning

Last week we took our first Science and first Reading LBA (Learning Based Assessment) for the district. Most students did their best but there were a few who did not perform to the level I believe they could have. I will send home scores this week.

We are moving from fractions back to 2 X 2 multiplication and we will continue working on problem solving. Students are learning they need to take their time and write things out instead of trying to hold all their work in their heads. We have decided to allow students to take home the book Wonder and complete it for their at home reading as we will be moving to A Tangle of Knots next week. Today an order form was sent home so each student can have a copy of the book. If you have any questions, please let me know. In science we will be looking at types of soil, weathering and erosion, and this week we will finish up with our Native American Projects.

Coming Up

Monday 11/17 will be the last day to purchase yearbooks. Be sure to get your orders in!

Tuesday 11/18 fourth grade will be going to the Fort Worth Science Museum to view the Mythbusters exhibit and watch a film. Don't forget to send a sack lunch!

Wednesday 11/19 Fourth grade will take our first Math Checkpoint (now referred to as LBA - Learning Based Assessment).

Friday 11/21 Turkey Bowl will take place at 1:30!

I will be attending the National Council of Teachers of English conference in Washington DC from November 20 through the 24. Mrs. Lambert will be our substitute and I have no doubt the kids are going to be angels. I can't wait to see all the great ideas I can bring back.

Weekly Expectations

Students are doing a great job on Khan Academy!

Please remember to check and sign your student's agenda every night. Students are expected to write their homework and reminders down every afternoon to help them remember what needs to be completed at home. If it's written in the agenda, they need to complete it.

Reading for at least 20 minutes a night and blogging twice a week on Kidblog, is one of the expectations. If your child is unable to access the internet, please remind to write down their reading response and turn it into the tray. Responses should be based on my blog question. This is one way for me to assess what students understand and what we need to work on in class. Some friends are posting, but they are not giving the information requested. I am not just looking for a summary. I want to know their thoughts on their reading and see the where in the text their reasoning comes from.

Ten minutes daily on Khan Academy is another expectation for students. I am looking more for the total amount each week than I am the daily time. I know not every night is the same for each family.

These assignments are not just busy-work. Daily reading, coherent blogs, time on Khan Academy and memorized math facts are all things that successful students have in common. There are no consequences from me or the school for not completing these things, but students who do not are likely to be behind in their learning. With only so much time for me to teach and guide them throughout the day, more work in needed outside of school for those who want to make the most of their learning.