Congratulations Parents!

Your Student Chose to Earn their 2nd Quarter Reading Goal

Parents are the Key!

Congratulations! Your child chose to earn their second nine weeks AR Reading Goal! This achievement was made possible due to your encouragement and their hard work. I could not be prouder of them as readers and as students. Please feel free to contact me at any time about your student's reading and research work. Thank you for your support of the Library at Marshall Middle.

Mrs. Lanelle Hilling, Library Teacher

Eighth Graders Earning AR Reading Goal

Jenea Anderson

Nayeli Arellano

Brian Bolles

Brielle Bradley

William Bradley

Jacob Brooks

Alfonzo Chavez

John Chierichella

Michael Cockrell

Katherine Cook

Hannah Cook

Cynthia Cortes

Christina Corum

Brighton Craig

Danielle Crouch

Leah Davis

Matthew Davis

Sophia Deel

Payton Deeney


David Dewald

Trinity Dovan

Katelynn Doyle

Kari Dudley

Amber Egan

Gwyneth Eileen

Vincent Fanelli

Henry Ford

Daniel Galvez

Raul Godoy

Kiyanna Green

David Harris

Caleb Heffer

Quinten Heffron

Thomas Heisler

Hannah Holland

Kyra Holland

Reagan Johnson

Faith Jones

Aidan Jones

Lumin Edmonds

Brianna Kidwell

Olin Kolar

Ethan Kuhstoss

Elizabeth Loveland

Melissa Lucas

Morgan Luellen

Ashley Lynn

Brianna Manchini

Samuel Matthews

Ryan McdanielNeff

Evan Mcdonald

Joshua Moylan

Cassandra Nelson

Anh Nguyen

Caitlin Nibecker

Brianna Owens

Ashley Parrish

Luke Patusky

Laurence Pfouts

Julian Pfouts

Makena Pierce

Savannah Purvis

Joseph Randall

Diego Reyes

Seth Richards

Andrea Riedel

Hershel Rinker

Logan Risdon

Francesca Roy

Isabella Schaub

Madelyn Schwier

Gabrielle Smith

Michael Solo

Carter Stoecker

Madison Sutherland


James Swart

Morgan Thomas

Laura Thompson

Kaitlynn Truelove

Emily Turner

Gwendolyn Verity

Cody Vink

Katherine Warren

Joshua Whipkey

Haley Wilkerson

Well Done! Your Library Teacher is so proud of your choices!