A Christmas Carol Play

Written by: Isabella Robert

Information About the Play A Christmas Carol

I recommend going to see the play A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, because it includes multiple features that enhance and summarize the books content. One feature in the play, is that the audience is provided with a visual of the characters and the scenery that may be different than what you imagined while reading. For example, I imagined Scrooge's bed as a large king sized bed, with green curtains, but in the play they used a twin bed with no curtains. Also, the play includes excellent sound, so the audience can feel fully engaged in the story. An example of this is when the ghost of Christmas Future arrives, there was a blast of powerful thunder that made the audience feel as startled as Scrooge did when the phantom showed up. Finally, I recommend seeing the play, because it summarizes all the main ideas of the book, by taking out scenes that are less important. For instance, in Dickens' book, he mentions that Scrooge goes to church on Christmas Day. However, in the play, Scrooge does not go to church, for it was not very important in the story. This is a positive characteristic of the play because it allows the audience to focus only on the main points. In sum, I would encourage going to the play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, because the visuals, sound, and choice of content add to the story in a way that makes the audience feel focused and engaged in the action.


In the book A Christmas Carol as well as the play, Scrooge (the main character) has to start making sacrifices in order to change his ways and live a better life. And example of this is when Scrooge gave a lot of money to charity, towards the end of the story. This was a sacrifice for him, because he had spent a long time saving all of his money, and now he is giving it away. It might have been hard for Scrooge to donate, but he knew that it was the right thing to do. Many of us, if not all, make sacrifices to. An example of a sacrifice in my life, is when I had to skip a Christmas party I was really exited for, to see my Grandpa from Arizona and the rest of my family at a gathering.