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Dec. 3rd 2014 Squirrel Season

Around christmas time squirrels go NUTS!!! Ha Ha Ha. Get it.Well,MERRY CHRISTMAS. the years almost over & we just got started so we don't have much to talk about. But my favorite animal is a Squirrel so thats what were talking about. In the 2nd photo you can see what squirrels look like after Black Friday. Have you ever heard of Giving tuesday. Well squirrels don't believe in that... day. But instead we squirrels celebrate Acorn Day! "We love Acorn day" I said Tuesday morning Dec.2, 2014
Squirrel Fight
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Trip to Ohio!!!

As most of us squirrels know Ohio's known for Black squirrels. So over thanksgiving I went to see my family there. As normal SQUIRRELS EVERYWHERE it's so amazing. There are so many near Kent State. There very easy to spot when it snow's . If you want to see black squirrels go to Ohio.
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Funny Talking Animals