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Mariah H

Flow Free

My favorite app by mariah hall p.3

My favorite app is really fun and addictive.
This app can sometimes be really easy and hard sometimes.You have color dots that are the same.You have to connect the same colored dots in the minimum space you have.This game has levels like 5x5 to 9x9.The game I'm telling you about has 150 levels on the regular pack, and there is a bonus pack,7x7 mania,8x8 mania,9x9 mania,and the last pack is the Jumbo Pack.This game is a top hit out of the whole system in our school.Some of the people I know say this game is really addictive and fun. The game I like is called Flow Free.

Argument For/Against

I am against year-round schooling because there is no softball during school,it's only in the summer time. I'm against year-round schooling because it feels like you’re being kept in captivity. When you’re at school, you’re not at a friends sleepover,slumber party,birthday party,and having fun with your friends.I'm against year-round schooling because you don't get to have long vacations with your family in the summer,so you would have no family time. I'm also against year-round schooling because if you just have a year with school people, we would be bored out of our minds with school,and we would have to find ti
me to spend with our best friends and your family

Feature Story

One Direction

(The Biggest Boy Band Around

The Greatest Thing That Might of Happened)

By: Mariah Hall

The names of the 5 boys is Niall Horan,Louis Tomblinson,Liam Payne,Harry Styles,Zayne Malik.Louis Tomblinson is the oldest member then Zayne,Liam,Niall,and last but not lest Harry.Harry Styles is the youngest and he made up the band name One Direction.Liam Payne has a phobia of spoons.Niall Horan is the ONLY IRISH person in the band.Harry Styles loves cats and his first word was “cat”.Louis Tomblinson has 4 younger sisters.Zayne Mallik was born on January 12,1993.Laim Payne favorite character is “Woody the Cowboy” from Toy Story.Niall got a guitar when he was 11 yrs old for a Christmas prestent.Zayne wanted to study to be an English Teacher.One Direction is making a movie in 3D in therters soon this month.Simon Cowell put the 5 boys in the band on the UK X-Factor and on they are called One Direction.One Direction is always being compared to The Beatles, but the boys don’t really mind that.One Direction won 3VMA’s at the VMA’s.

Scary MoVie

Movie title-Scary Movie

Main Actor/Actress-Charlie Seen(himself), Ashley Tisdale(Jody Sanders), Snoop Dog(himself), Lindsay Lohan(himself),Terry Crews(Martin),Simon Rex(Dan)

Movie Summary-This movie is about other movies mocking them in one whole movie.

The whole movie is based on this couple who just had a baby. The couple already have two other kids, and they and go home to there haunted house that is possessed by this demon.The couple hires people that try to get rid of the demon that wants the couple out of the house.

The setting of the movie-USA

The year of the movie-2013

Theme/Moral/message of movie- Theme(Comedy/ partly horror)

A couple begin to experience some unusual activity after bringing their newborn son home from the hospital. With the help of home-surveillance cameras and a team of experts, they learn they're being stalked by a nefarious demon.

Intended Audience-(PG-13)

My opinion of the movie-my opinion of the movie is really funny. The movie is based on this couple that buys this house that is possessed by this demon. The couple has home-surveillance cameras and a group of smart people, and the group of people say that the couple is being stalked by this demon.The couple doesn't like the demon that. Is stalking them.

Trading Card Story

Once upon a time there was a boy named Devin and he had a helicopter which he flew from Norfolk Nebraska, he crashed into candy and met a girl named lollipop. Lollipop said to Devin " Lets go to that island over there." Devin said " ok!" So they headed to Katlandia. When they got there they met a boy named Jonny Fertziberg. They walked up to Jonny and said "hi" Jonny looked up and saw lollipop and almost fell backwards "you're not supposed to be here" said Jonny. "Why?" Said lollipop. "If you come to this island the two islands will merge!" Said Jonny. Suddenly lollipop became weak and collapsed. Jonny ran to her " lollipop are you ok" he said. haha lol "Yeah" said lollipop, "I just need to get back to my island before the islands merge." Jonny said "it's too late!" "But I'll die" said lollipop. Jonny said, " If the islands merge you will regain your health."Devin said, " I know nothing about what happens when islands merge." Lollipop said,"does anyone have any secret power to help us out." Jonny said " I can see the future, but my motto is, don't mess with the future." "Ohh" said lollipop disappointed. But then she perked up " live in the moment not the past, that's my motto" said lollipop. "Do you want to know what my motto is" said Devin. "my motto is work hard play hard" said Devin. "Well now that we know everyone's motto lets get a move on." said Jonny."Can we get back to the present because I'm partly dieing",said Lollipop. "LOOK! " said Jonny " candy is getting closer!" " Ohh no!" Said lollipop. Jonny said " Brace yourselves for strong winds." Lollipop looked over into the trees, " What's in the trees?" Said lollipop. "Don't you know the name of the island?" Said Jonny. " No" said lollipop. "The name of the island is Katlandia" Said Devin. Jonny looked at lollipop and said, " so there are cats in the trees. Devin ran into the forest and the cats took him hostage and tried cooked him over a fire. Jonny and lollipop ran into the forest after him and rescued Devin just before the cats ate him alive.Then Lollipop and Jonny saw that the islands are getting closer and then lollipop became weaker and weaker. Lollipop then fell to the ground when she got weak in her legs. The islands then touched edges. They heard noises from the cats and they looked over. " Eww what are they doing" said lollipop and Devin at the same time. " The Islands are merging, so the cats will turn into candy cats." Said Jonny. Then the islands fully merged, and fixed his helicopter and flew back home. Jonny and lollipop fell in love, got married to each other and they had kids of their own and never ever saw Devin ever again.

The end

Nursery Rhyme story

Five Little Baby Cats

By Mariah Hall

That little baby cat went to the food market. That little baby cat had to stay home. That little baby cat had a Big Mac. That little baby cat had none at all. That little baby cat said,”Meow, meow, meow, meow!” All the way home down by the milk factory.

Scary Movie 5 Official TRAILER #2 (2013) - Charlie Sheen, Ashley Tisdale Movie

What is your favorite color?

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  2. Red 8 people 32%
  3. Blue 5 people 20%
  4. Purple 7 people 28%
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