the city of bridges

Pittsburgh, PA

the steel city

Pittsburgh has a population of 350,363. It was established in 1758. it is the largest inland port in the Unites States. it has 120 bridges. the average temperature in July is 82 degrees and in January its 20 degrees.

the river city

pittsburgh has three rivers flowing into each other, the rivers are the monongahela and allegheny which form the ohio river.

city of champions

Pittsburgh has many sports teams such as the penguins which is an ice hockey team. they also have the pirates which is a baseball team. The Riverhounds are a soccer team from Pittsburgh also. last but not least the Pittsburgh Steelers are a football team.

Facts about Pittsburgh

-the first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh

-the first big mac was distributed

-first bingo game

- first Ferris wheel

-Pittsburgh doesn't have hills