COMM104 Week 2 Lecture

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Specific Memory/Study Techniques and Strategies

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Repetition and Review

This technique can involve repetitive writing or speaking aloud that you then review.

  • An example includes flash cards with terms, questions, images, or concepts on the front and definitions, answers, or other details on the back.

Language-based Mnemonics

(A “mnemonic” is a memory aid.)

This memory technique groups items by their first letter or alphabetically. An example is an acronym, an invented word or sentence created from the beginning letter(s) of the important parts of the concept or idea you’re trying to memorize.

  • Example: The made up name "ROY G. BIV" helps recall the colors of the rainbow


Create Personal Meaning

This technique utilizes involving emotions and other senses. For instance, develop a story, rhyme, or song.

Connect New Information to Something You Already Know

A mental walk (known as the “loci” method) uses the layout of a familiar location. As you “walk” through the location, you associate details from each room with the new information you’re trying to recall. This technique works well with a sequence of events.

Visual Imagery Mnemonics

Use personally relevant, often vivid images to aid recall. Flash cards that use visual cues and idea chains are examples.

  • An idea chain links words or events on a list by visually associating the items on the list. So, to remember the rulers of Russia during the Rurik Dynasty--beginning with Daniel and Yuri--to cue Daniel, start with a visual of a man wearing a “Dan-the- Man” t-shirt, pointing at another man, saying “you’re it!” for Yuri, and so on.

Visual Organizing Mnemonics

This technique connects concepts by visually grouping items or ideas logically.

  • Examples include concept maps, summary diagrams, and timelines. Concept maps, also known as think-links or word webs provide a visual representation of the pieces of information and their connection to each other.

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