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Deadline for prose, poetry & visual arts submissions=Sept 9

Deadline to submit creative work is September 9

Student initiated, student led and student created, The Boom Site accepts literary works of prose, poetry, and visual art pieces from students in grades six through twelve. Send your original creative endeavors our way for consideration to be in our next digital issue to be published end of September and included in our final print version at the end of the year. Our team is excited to read your work. Check out how you can submit your writing or visual art!

Deadline to submit creative work is Sunday, September 9

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Youth initiated, youth-led—featuring the creative work of local students with special guest submissions by New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline West, The Boom Site Magazine is something you won't want to miss! Check out this print anthology of the best of student poetry, prose and visual art now available at Valley Bookseller on Main Street in Stillwater.

Enjoy Vol. I: Issue 1 and Vol 1: Issue 2 and Vol 2: Issue 1 of The Boom Site, St. Croix Valley's first youth literary magazine.

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Interested in becoming an editor for the Boom Site? Want to help select submissions for our magazine? We are adding an additional prose, poetry and visual arts editor, and we'd love for you to be involved!

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