By Yusuf Syed

This is Poland!

Poland is a country in europe, known for being a part of both world wars. Many people come to visit the old concentration camps, like Auschwitz. Also, Poland is a place for playing soccer and, if you go there in winter, it is perfect for skiing. If you're wondering what to eat there, then you should go with bread and cheese, which is popular in Poland and most other European countries as well. The holidays in Poland include children's day on June 1st, states day (our labor day) on May 1st, and st. Andrews day on November 30th.

Polish words you probably want to know

One of the things you shouldn't forget is that Polish people speak an entirely different language. The majority of them speak Polish. Here are some handy polish terms:

-Hello: cześć, dzien dobry, and halo

-How much does it cost?: ile to koztuje

-thank you: dziekuje

-please: prosze

-Bye: posegnanie


You wouldn't want to go to a shop with the wrong kind of or amount of money. In Poland, they use the Polish Zloty. One Zloty is about 32 cents.


Poland is a republic, whose president is Bronislaw Komorowski. Republics are when people elect the government leaders.

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