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Spring is still a few months away which means we still have several weeks of winter weather ahead of us.

Be Prepared and Remember...

Wear footwear with slip-resistant soles and good tread. Winter boots may not look glamorous, but they do provide traction on compact snow and ice, not to mention the fact that they help to keep your feet warm and dry.

Use traction gripping devices, i.e., Yaktraxs, to reduce your risk of falling on ice or snow. They can help prevent painful slip/fall injuries on compact snow or ice and take less than a minute to slide on over your boots or shoes!

Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles...

Look before you step out of the vehicle for ice; step out slowly, taking small steps and holding onto the vehicle for support.

Walk like a penguin...

With arms extended to the side, feet pointed slightly outward.

Take short steps and MOVE SLOWLY! Although your hands might get cold, you’ll need your arms to restore your balance if you slip.

Allow additional time so you can walk SLOWLY and CAUTIOUSLY!

Stick to the designated walkways and cleared paths. Avoid taking shortcuts – snow may be hiding hazards such as ice, holes, trip hazards, etc. Grassy slopes can be as dangerous as snowy steps.

Watch for slippery floors when entering buildings and use the wipe off mats.

Clearing your boots of snow will help reduce water on the floors.

Watch where you are headed and avoid becoming distracted.

And, last but not least, report slip/trip hazards immediately to the appropriate person in your building.

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