WST Weekly Update

March 8 - March 12, 2021

From the Director

It's been a couple of weeks since the last WST update went out, there has been MUCH activity here!

We are excited that some of our students are now reopening and offering hybrid (some online some live) learning options for students. As districts continue to reopen, we will be working with them to appropriately schedule WST students on campus. We also recognize that some students may not fall under the schedule listed below, based on balancing of classes, or unique situations with sending school schedules. WST will remain flexible in the support of our students and strive to provide at least two sessions per week for hands-on, live instruction.

Students will be expected to complete asynchronous work on the days that they do not attend WST. Their total amount of work between live session time and asynchronous time should be 15 hours per week.

Here is what we know so far by sending district:

Beginning the week of March 15:

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings: Pt. Townsend, Chimacum, Quilcene, and Bainbridge Island

Monday & Thursday: Peninsula A day students, South Kitsap students last names A-K, North Kitsap students A - K

Tuesday & Friday: Peninsula B and C day students, South Kitsap students L - Z, North Kitsap students A - K

Monday & Tuesday: North Mason A Day students

Thursday & Friday: North Mason B Day students

** Verify with your sending school on the days your student will attend WST.

As districts continue the reopening process we will continue to adjust and add to the list.

WST Loves our Classified Staff!

Students on Campus!

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Labeling Your Thoughts

This calming practice comes from Jennifer Cohen Harper and Mayuri Gonzalez and the Yoga & Mindfulness Practices for Teens card deck.

Labeling Your Thoughts:

Are you ever overwhelmed by the volume of your thoughts? It can be helpful to categorize your thoughts the way we categorize our music into playlists. In this practice you'll sort your mind's activities into three categories; thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Sit tall and relaxed. Take a few full breaths to settle your body and then close your eyes. As you feel your breath, notice if your mind is busy with lots of activity... As you notice thoughts arise, begin to label them.

If you have a thought, like "what's for lunch?" for example, notice what your mind is saying and then label it "Thought."

If your mind notices an emotion like joy, sadness, boredom, or excitement, label it, "Feeling."

And if your mind begins to register a sensation in the body like an itch, warmth, or softness, label it, "Sensation."

Practice this activity for a set length of time or sit until you feel like you have a handle on what your mind is experiencing. Then take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.

Join Us in Congratulating our WST Students of the Semester! Nora and Shani have been out delivering to students, you may be NEXT!


Please join us in congratulating the following students for earning a $10 gift card for attending class daily, submitting all of their assignments, or completing BOTH 100% attendance and 100% assignment completion!

Gift cards donated by the WST Foundation. We are proud of the work our students are accomplishing this year.

100% Attendance:

Tanner Z - Fire Science | Ashlynn W - PMC | Isaiah C - Construction | Conner N - Auto | Zakia S - Construction | Cody C - Game Design | Vance A - Cosmetology | Chris C - Welding | Ethan T - Fire Science | Lucas W - Fire Science | Vilmos K - Collision | Masaura C - Game Design | Richard L - Auto | Alex S - Fire Science | Jordan L - Welding | Imogen W - Game Design

100% Assignment Completion:

Jeremiah O - Welding | Luis R - Culinary | Tristen H - Auto | Kristopher RW - PMC | Hanna L - Criminal Justice | Kody M - Welding | Pele E - Cosmetology | Kelly C - Cosmetology | Eric S - Welding | Alais D - Welding | Aubry S - Construction | Alexandria S - Criminal Justice | Mark M - Auto | Liam T - Fire Science | Jeffery G - Welding | Ryan O - Welding

Both 100% Attendance AND 100% Assignment Completion:

Isabell S - Culinary | Adriana J - Criminal Justice | Bianca F - Cosmetology | Brandon W - Construction | Zakia S - Construction | David G - Fire Science | Hudson G - Welding

West Sound Technical Skills Center

Mission: The mission of West Sound Technical Skills Center is to ensure that all students are prepared for life, career, and college through industry-based, technically rigorous programs.

Vision: To prepare every West Sound Technical Skills Center graduate to be career and college ready, enter the global workforce, and be a successful and contributing citizen through innovative and flexible program opportunities.

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