Coaching Options and Supports

Have I got a deal for you! From Instructional Coach Deb

Ways I can support and help you to help students achieve!

Gather Resources-documents,websites, books teaching materials

Co-Planning-curriculum mapping, collaboratively plan a rigorous lesson or series of lessons that meet best practices

Classroom Coverage-cover your classes so that you can observe another colleague in your building or district

Listening And Support-lend an open and confidential ear for a topic of your choice

More Ways That I Can Guide, Encourage and Serve

Assistant-serve as another pair of hands for a lesson or another pair of eyes to track student concerns and levels of rigor

Team Teaching- after planning cooperatively, teach a lesson together

Technology Support-Find interactive tools or programs that enhance student engagement

Differentiation Support-help design active student engagement activities, choice assignments, tiered activities or assessments, assignment scaffolding

Data Conversation -collaboratively analyze formative assessments to make instructional decisions and participate in Data Team meetings

Conference-Examine and problem solve for improvement in individual student behavior and progress

Nothing Sparks your Interest?

Goal setting-through conversations, establish a goal or focus area to improve student learning and professional growth opportunities

Reflection-through conversation and observation, reflect on student learning in your classroom, may also include student work analysis

Collaboration- help you connect with other teachers in the building or district and systematically problem solve

Brainstorming Session- collaboratively bounce innovative ideas off one another

Throw It At Me!

If there is something that is missing from this list, throw it at me and I will see if there is a way that I can help you or make it happen. I won't clean your house, only because I don't clean my own!

From the classroom......

"I asked Deb to come in and help me monitor how many of my students were using their cellphones when they weren't supposed to be. She gave me a list at the end of the period with no judgement on her part. It allowed me to know how big of a problem that was causing with student engagement."

"For a whole quarter, Deb worked with me to find strategies for building a positive classroom environment that engaged learners and she gave tips for coping with disruptive behaviors and managing distraction."

"Deb's approach as instructional coach is one of sheer observation, not judgment. She doesn't make you feel beneath her in any way, which allows you to feel comfortable asking for advice. She makes it evident that she's here to help and that any frustrations/problems shared with her are kept in strict confidence."

"Deb is an angel dressed in leathers, sent down from heaven on her Harley to save us all.!"


I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who welcomed and invited me into your classrooms to share with me your passion and expertise! It is rewarding to collaborate with you. I am the luckiest teacher in the world! I get to work with the most innovative, energetic, dedicated staff and admin and I'm not taking it for granted. I am thankful for each and every one of you and that we all have the common vision of what is best for kids! Thank you, thank you ,thank you!
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