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History Of CEX

Cex was founded in Tottenham Court Road, London, in 1992 by Paul Farrington and Robert Dudandi. There are now 150 stores worldwide. The first CeX (Complete Entertainment Exchange), then known as the easy off the tongue 'Tottenham Court Road Computer Exchange' opened in a small shop at the top of Whitfield Street. Tucked behind the top end of Tottenham Court Road - London's electronics and computer heartland - CeX's mix of cheap second hand games, hard to find Japanese and US imports and computer bits and bobs, soon found a fanatically loyal band of customers dubbed affectionately as custies. Many of these custies have since joined the company as it has blossomed.

It became clear that we'd need to open a new store to keep up with demand (and supply). Our Rathbone Place shop opened in 1993 taking over Pilot Software City, a place well known to London based Apple IIe and Atari 800 gamers. CeX took over and concentrated on console gaming - SNES, Neo, Megadrive, Engine and Game Boy, leaving the Whitfield Street branch to focus on the computing side of the geek within. Pilot and CeX has been selling games at this location continuously for over 30 years - the longest-running gaming location in the world? Let me know if you know differently, I'd love to find out. - CEX website


CEX Guildford

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