Team 105 Friday Fill-In

Happy 2016!

Holiday Party and Thank you!

I hope everyone had a safe, fun and relaxing break. The past two school weeks of 2016 have sure flown by! However, the Holiday Party fun seems like it happened forever ago! :) I want to extend another BIG "thank-you" to Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Barth for planning another wonderful class party. The kids definitely enjoyed themselves and the thoughtful crafts and activities that were planned for them.

I would also like to thank each and everyone of you who thought of me before the Holidays and sent in a thoughtful gift or a donation of money for the class gift! I felt very lucky! :)

Below are some pictures from our class party! Enjoy!

Spirit Week!

January 19th - 22nd

  • TUESDAY January 19th: CE Spirit Day

    • show your school spirit from Head to Toe

  • WEDNESDAY January 20th: Mix Match Day

    • how can you mix up your clothes today?

  • THURSDAY January 21st: Twin Day

    • find someone else to dress alike with, or maybe you dress up like your favorite teacher would!

  • FRIDAY January 22nd: Favorite Movie Character Day

    • Dress like your favorite movie or movie character day!

**Friday is also MOVIE NIGHT! Mark your calendars for 6pm - MINIONS in gym.


We are moving through our non-fiction reading unit. This weeks main topics are bolded, the rest is what we have already covered...

Readers Read Informational Text with Power by...

  • Previewing the text before reading by paying attention to text features
  • Tapping into prior knowledge to find out what we already know about the text
  • Predicting what we think the text will teach us
  • Pausing and paraphrasing what the text says by putting it into our own words then TEACHING what we just learned to our Reading Partner
  • Readers locate the main idea with key details from the text
  • Readers notice new information about the idea that was introduced and fit it into their thinking
  • Readers can become experts on a topic and teach others

Locating the main idea in a text, section or paragraph is a big concept! This is something great to work on with your son/daughter at home. You can refer to the pictures for some of the ways Team 105 Readers remember how to find the main idea in their text.

Big image
Big image


Non-fiction Writers are spending time making sure they can find a "Just-Right" topic to write their non-fiction stories about. Writers have been thinking about what types of things they can do, make and be. Students have created a list of possible topics they feel like they are experts on to write their stories about. Once the lists were created, writers put their knowledge to the test by writing a bit about each topic to make sure they felt confident in choosing a topic that was right for them. During this process they thought:
1. Do I know enough information to write an entire story?

2. Do I enjoy this topic enough?

Writers will start drafting their stories next week!

Big image


Mathematicians are moving on to division by:

  • Understanding multiplication is the inverse of division
  • Division is repeated subtraction

Today in your son/daughter's blue folder, you will notice a multiplication packet + an answer key. This packet is not homework and does not need to come back to school. The packet represents the different types of strategies Team 105 has been using to show their thinking about multiplication. Since our focus for the next few weeks will be towards division, reinforcing these strategies at home will be helpful to your child. However, by now your child should feel secure with these strategies. Therefore, practicing math facts at home is a great idea. You will notice the "Mathematician's Magic Tricks for Multiplication" chart below, these are some great mental tips for your son/daughter when solving facts.

This week's focus:

Connecting multiplication to division using fact families, equal groups and understanding what division means. In the pictures below, you can see our first "thoughts" on what division looks like and what it means.

Big image
Big image
Big image

Leader in Me

Last week's focus: Habit 4 "Think-Win-Win"

This week's focus: Habit 5 "Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood"
Big image
Big image

Odds and Ends...

  • Supply box refill: It has come to my attention that many of our "supplies" are missing, especially scissors! Please check with your son/daughter to see if they need any supplies refilled in their box. In the classroom, I have glue sticks, crayons, markers, colored pencils, erasers and pencils available. However, pencil donations to room 105 are always helpful (since those tend to go "missing" the most)! Thanks!
  • Donations: If you are interested in donating to our classroom: we are running low on paper towel and disinfectant wipes! If you would like to donate, please send in the supplies with your son/daughter! Thank you SO much in advance!!
  • Please remember there is NO school on Monday!

Open Door Policy

I am truly enjoying every moment spent learning and laughing with your son/daughter this year! I just want to send the message out again, that I believe a strong teacher-parent partnership is what makes a student successful. If you are feeling unsure of how your son/daughter is doing in third grade, please DO NOT hesitate to contact me! I would love nothing more than to chat with you about your child's progress. I know the online gradebook system can be a tad confusing, but that is a great source to check if you are inquiring about your child's progress. As this is a new system to me, and I am still learning all of the new changes, I am trying my best to input valuable information so you are aware of your child's progress throughout the year. I want to eliminate any "surprises" that might arise on Feb. 8th when the Learning Feedback Document is available!

Also, please make sure to check your student's blue folder. I have been sending back a good amount of assignments since the beginning of the new year and I know sometimes things can get lost in the transition from school to home!

Some things to look out for:

  • Classwork assignments
  • Graded (S,D,B) assignments
  • Math Menu + Concept Checks

I am so lucky to work each day with such a unique and amazing group of Leaders, Learners and Kids!!

I hope you have a fun-filled and relaxing weekend! As always, please contact me with any questions/concerns!