The Ugly Truth

About Japanese Internment Camps

Joyful Propaganda

The United States of America Showed this picture to the American public as propaganda. Propaganda is given information that is misleading or biased. The picture shows smiling school girls saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag while in the internment camp. The propaganda is attempting to tell the reader that the internment camps are not a bad place to live. The picture also tells the reader that the internment camps are such a great place to live that it has actualy made them more patriotic.
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Slave Labor?

In reality the internment camps were not a plesent place to live. Many of the Japanese were forced to work in the fields of near by farmers like slaves. In this picture, it shows many japanese men and women working in extreme heat to plant celery. This picture clearly contrasts the picture above because no child would be happy to know that there parents or older brothers or sisters are working like slaves on a farm. Obviously, the U.S.A.'s propaganda was miss leading that the internment camps were happy placs to be living.
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