World War I

What will become of everyone?

World in peril!

This humongous war has claimed millions of lives. Many new weapons and forms of violence in general have been discovered, as well as new diseases that have risen. The wives and sisters and mothers of the soldiers have gone to work in the factories vacated by the men who went to fight in the war.

What caused this so-called "great" war?

Many MAIN reasons:

A very well-known acronym used to remember the sources behind the tensions is MAIN. MILITARISM celebrates war and armed forces and many countries were competing for power. ALLIANCES were formed, and secret ones. Joe's friends with Rita who's friends with Billy who hates Joe. Much like this scenario, many countries were at battle with one another driven by hatred.IMPERIALISM was a driving force behind the tension, especially after the assassination of the archduke. NATIONALISM -the death of the archduke being the immediate cause of the war- was another problem, everyone filled with pride for the country decided to prove what they're made of.